Although these past months, we never discussed about going in this country. How about some of my best friends encouraging me to apply for a visa, go to this and try some luck.. My answer is no.. Geez.. Maybe, one of the very last resort I will do to earn or at least to achieve something in life.

To all the documentaries I’ve watched which you know they are money. With the experiences that my friends had especially right now, the crisis still stuck in it.. It is very hard to really make a living there. Even they got their citizenships or saved already, in the end, they still choose to spend their lives, here. Except for my lovely cousins and relatives who well grew up there.

I’m lucky to visit there around 16 years ago.. As a graduation gift from my parents going to HS, which I discovered later that I need to use the tourist visa they gave me before it expires.. I went and enjoyed staying there for 3 months. Yes, I cried for the first 3 days but that was it. Going to San Francisco, Oakland, LA, and some places in Cali, it’s a worthwhile experience. I loved it!!!

But yes, as I grew older and discovered a lot of things in life and other tastes as well from other countries, I left my desire going back to this country already. Even my parents, or siblings and yes, friends, encouraging me to go now or visit it again, I am not that interested anymore. Quite lazy perhaps and yes, it involves a lot of effort, money and yes… Time.

If I have a lot of the first 2 factors, I’ll reconsider going there. hehe But, for now, nah..

I rather enjoy what I have, and yes, places to visit here at the Philippines, more fun perhaps.

I still love the US despite it’s looming national debt, unhealthy food supply, financial crisis, unemployement and other bad factors affect the country. How about the people who are quite discriminating, especially in some states. Geez, I’ll never go to those states.

First is you’re reading to it. Yes, simple english.. Because of it, not only I’m writing right now easily but it helped me earn in call centers I worked for. Without their influence perhaps, maybe I’m what, bum forever. hehe Or quite stupid.

Second, yes, liberty perhaps. As being called, the melting pot of races, the best country as described before.. Land of the Free, those monickers won’t be possible because of the attitude of this people. To always fight for the right, although some of my customers that I talked to, are not in the right position. Most of them, well, fight indeed for the right, and their history says, the same thing. Liberty in what you want to do, do what’s best or make you happy, and always aim.. Yes, excellence, if possible, perfection to succeed in what you do. People there are always going not only they want but what is right, even odds are not with them.

People there are well, more active in volunteerism, and radical change.

Third, hmmmmm business strategies, I mean, the word efficient and effective in business are present in their style. The process of those factors are always present in how their business works. Like in Dell which, they always strive what’s good for the customer in an effective way and yes, cost efficient as well. That works almost in all their corporations, except for some, like Enron perhaps. hehe But I like their strategy, especially marketing wise..

Fourth, Cheap goods. Yes, even with an unhealthy food supply and trade policies which not really benefits themselves, if you have a lot of money living there, you can buy anything, literally. From cheap electronic goods, sears, walmart, fast foods, transportation, how about cars from import to local made cars, and yes… Houses!!!! Due to this financial crisis and arrogance of other financial institutions, house prices drop downwards, and a lot became homeless.. Prices of those houses left, were very low and nobody really buys it fast. Even swaps won’t work. I think that’s the easiest way to get a green card or Citizenship, buy a house there. hehe

Lastly, if you’re living in the US, you can choose a variety of environment you can live to. I mean, there is 50 states if I’m correct, then every state has a different identity. Like if I want a fast and lively environment, live in NY or CA. If you want cool weather, then live in CO. Or like me, a balance of weather or more summer months than winter, I mean more hot than cold, stay in TX or NM, a healthy lifestyle as well. Those kind of choices, I like it and yeah, I wish I could live in my preferred state.. Please not CA especially in the cities which it’s like living in the PH. Please..

The US of A has a lot of things to fix, from fiscal policies, political will which the current leader lacks, food system, education system and a bit of everything.. They are lucky that they are still standing. Even the entertainment industry, damn, they should do more good music and movies. I hope that in the coming elections, their elections, they choose leaders who will fix every factor that affects their country.

Although all countries got affected, massive due to the crisis but who’s to blame? You know what I mean..

If they were the ones who started it, then they should able to solve all those problems they created. Except for outsourcing perhaps, we need the jobs here. Sorry. hehe

But other than that, it’s more than thinking straight, they should think what’s well effective and efficient for them, for each citizen they have.. They should work together to solve this and have a better future for them.

If they won’t work accordingly and responsibly, I won’t be surprised that they will be divided in the future. To pay their dues, one side under Chinese or the other side under Arabs.

Nevertheless, I hope, I’ll visit there soon! See my relatives, cousins, and others.. How about Great America! Damn, I miss that place.

How about to watch an NBA and NFL games live! Buy cool gadgets, especially black friday.. hehe

Yeah, the list never ends.


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