The Land of the Rising Sun. A nation full of pride and honor, up to their citizens.. A strong country able to survive troubles, and most of all, earthquakes.

Home of one the great cuisines, and yes, great culture! Great people, the HS chicks. =) And admirable ladies as well, I just like their pose, maybe I’m fond of them. I think they’re better than the ladies here. Nah, just joking, first are here, then close second, Japs Girls. =)

Damn, I was very sad that they stopped their promotion of giving away free tickets to Japan due to budget contraints. It’s easy to join, just make an essay about them. I thought of this one but I was demotivated already. But I’ll do it anyway. =)

I was deeply sad what happened last year, a very strong earthquake and tsunami struck them, leaving them damaged and affected greatly. One of their nuclear power plants severly damaged and of course many people died, earning lost, livelihood.. It was hard for them to recover, as I heard from NHK, it may take 2-5 years to be radioactive free. Yikes. =(

However, it did not change my feeling of still going there. Someday.

While I’m in the hospital coz of Dad, some things they need to improve. Watching NHK World, and very informative indeed but come on, they can do better than that. Repeated news shows in a day, then they should get more Japanese Girl Newscasters, although they have one but well, Japanese Men speaks better english. How sad. =(

Although they have british Lady weathercaster but their other segments or programs, well, foreigners are there. Interesting those they speak Japanese. =)

Government wise, yes, they need to prepare for the worse, especially when they raise taxes. Since their trading power of exporting is down and it maybe for a long time, they need to get other sources. One of them taxes which unfortunately, will not help in the long run especially in their situation. Hmmmm, yes another thing I don’t like them, sometimes honor and pride when are lost, it gets so much in their heads and commit harakiri. I thought that is only done in movies but oh well, it’s a reality to their society. Please if you can also lower the cost of living.. Damn high.

Women also not really equal with men at some point, although I can’t pin point some examples, but what I see and yes like in the government setting as well, they are somewhat few holding some positions.

What else, weirdness perhaps. Even one of the brightest citizens in the world, but some has weirdness as well, you can see that in some inventions, or example, some movies they show and yes, some tv shows. =) Lastly, and definitely, I denounce one region in Japan, which they legalize, dolphin hunting.. Although I’m not that environmentalist whatever, but after watching the Cove.. Come on, they should stop that for the sake of the dolphin race. Please..

Enough of the negative side!! Let’s go to what I love about this country..

Ichi, the very first reason or a way that entice me to really know Japan more was through Anime. Yes, as I kid and thanks to Kuya Allan’s collection of VHS tapes, I was glued to their animation, from mecha, through serious anime stuff, Newtype magazine and more, I being stuck to it. Yes, even japanese songs, OST from their anime series.

The drawings are magnificent. Imagination they have are limitless and funny as it seems, they make really kawaii type of characters perhaps. Even the serious ones, like Akira or Miyazaki’s works are mind boggling which really can compete with other types of serious work. Although 3D is the way in, but for them, like I saw last week, they can now blend 3D and 2D in one shot, wow.. Way advance, way cool!

Anime also shows on how they create console games, from my favorite MGS to DMC, even Super Robot Wars, or how about Street Fighter and Tekken.. KOF as well!!! The anime factor really shows a form of entertainment that they can be proud of, worldwide. I’m not really a good sketch or drawer like my Kuya but oh well, staring at them is really a big sigh of relief for me.
Good thing, those big eyes are not real. hehe

Ni, hmmmmmmmmmm Culture! As I watch NHK world, and yes, PTV or IBC showings of japanese culture and sights.. One that strikes me, is they have a lot of rituals. A lot, like making a sword or tea ceremony which takes hours and even simple meetings. The bow they do. Their work should always be perfect.. Following the samurai code although not through the sword but through the way of life. On how they entertain guest, and yes, my favorite. Nihongo.. I want to learn that one, from the orient languages we know, Nihongo is my favorite!!! I like how it sounds and how they say it.. Even yes, if you know how to speak, you should know how to write. Kanji! Maybe my permanship will improve through their calligraphy. hehe

Their love to their country and yes, if you’re really love your country or family, do with all your best and never give up until the end. A lot of pride and honor always there, although like I said earlier it was bad sometimes but well… They just like that. Great example. WWII, they never gave up even they will risk or sacrifice their lives for honor.

Culture doesn’t go without food, and yes, I love the cuisine except for the sashimi and more wasabi. But ramen, sushi, miso soup, and yes their rice is great and yeah, everything in their menu are fantastic. It’s hot and fresh, healthy! How about their desserts, rice cakes, takoyaki the original, the japanese pizza. Yummy!

Music, yeah, great writers of music and you can hear that in the OST of anime shows. Even right now somewhat mixed with western style but it still bring out the Japanese factor on it. Arts as well, as they are good in Manga and very imaginative.

Movies, my second favorite in their culture. Great films that I like, some of them are here. Thanks to Miike, Kitano, Fukusaku although I only watched BR 1, Tsukamoto as well. hehe Actors as well and actresses, they can really act and I hope more will be in Hollywood, not only Ken Watanabe. Hmmmm I like what they do right now, more on low budget but action packed films starring AV actresses who should be doing more that than they always do.

Yes, the great Kurosawa as well. How can I forget watching Seven Samurai non stop at the defunct CTV 31 before. No cuts. Black and white. Geez. hehe It’s just amazing how they do films so that’s why, if they make a film from their source like Godzilla perhaps, then they show better than the remake. So please, stop touching them.. Look at Dragon Ball as a prime evidence. You know what I mean. Hahahaha

Ah, yes I forgot, how about the festivals they have!!! I thought they have more festivals than us, but anyway, I want to be one of those festivals they have, great food, people and spectacle. Except for that falling log race, please I want to live.

San! Geography. Bridges, bullet trains and streets, earthquake proof buildings.. Advance building structures and still, they keep the old time temples, inns, and yes, hot springs. Wow! My first stop should be Akihabara because it’s tech and anime heaven for enthusiast like me. Then, I’ll go to Mt. Fuji then yes, since I like the balance of hot and cold, go to Okinawa! Summer and winter almost just in one place.

Although I want to go other places, like with more hot springs.. Then they have alps as well, and those farms they have which is sunny and fresh.. How about the temples? Or Even the big temples? Geez.. I want to be there. Just once..

I love the weather they have, all 4 seasons plus sakura, cherry blossoms, quite romantic so yeah.. Just to be there..

How about the inns, houses they have? I like it, zen type and a good garden with a lot of bonsai perhaps. hehe Yeah, and how they effectively use land space. So, I hope I can go there sight seeing wearing that robe they have and that big wooden slippers. hehe

Shi: People. Although of course, you can see them very strict due to customs and culture they upbring but.. Well, they are very friendly people and hospitable like us, especially if you know how to speak nihongo. Men really like the father or leader figure who really held responsible for providing his family. Doing everything even it’s impractical already especially at these times.. Never give up and men there should be well, relax.. Very workaholic. Some says, they are generous, although I know Japanese companies well, doesn’t have that have good compensation packages but very generous maybe in terms of events or sort of. I don’t know but Japanese bosses they say, generous.

Yes, women in Japan are very hospitable. I rarely see those who are quite agitated when you approach them. Unlike here perhpas, although they are more shy. However, physically I like their posture, and innocent looks. Ageless beautiful face and skin as well which not too white or brown. Come on, 30 something actresses still looks what 20? Eyes are quite luscious.. The great feature I love about them, is they have an attitude for really an ideal housewife. I mean, as I see in films and TV shows, even they are quite shy but they show love and loyalty to a guy. Especially if that guy is her husband. Very understanding and honest, and in return as well to their partner. Lovely indeed, I forgot how about their smile as well? Intellectual as well, for example, the last Japanese Miss Universe winner, I forgot her name, even she is not that stunning. She used her wits to win and poise. Winner! hehe

And yes, quite suprisingly, AV actresses are beautiful than the real actresses.. Oh well, maybe they are paid so much than going mainstream. But quite interesting, they are going to mainstream as well. hehe Crazy! But I hope they don’t need to do that especially if they have real talent. =)

Ah I forgot, I know it’s quite scary but I feel if you can live 80-90 years old, wow, meaning you can really enjoy life. Seeing how your family grows and being steady. Although I don’t want to live that long but on what they can do, it changed me.

Another thing, I love one of their programs that senior citizens can make volunteer work, and been sent out into different missions and countries, meaning that’s how they value senior citizens in Japan.

Go! Although it’s weird, but their ability of being innovative in all faucets of life stands out. From movies, TV shows, games, anime, even in business, science, I mean everything! Geez, when I look at their education system, it’s damn hard but look at them, quite smart despite physical disadvantage. Physically yes, some of them look good but compare them to US, or European countries? Quite small. Take perhaps, basketball! Although they have 7 footers, it’s few, unlike Euro and US, they are many. Geez.

Well, I know this post is quite long, I just can’t help it but love this country. Better than USA.. I don’t care if they are expensive than US but with these factors they have, it’s all worth it.

I hope one day, I don’t need to watch and fantasize the country by just watching backdated educational tours. Or how about NHK world in cable TV? I hope there is WOWOW here. hehe Or how about relying in their films as well? Nah..

One day, I should be there… Walking in Tokyo and go to Tokyo Tower or how about in the high mountains and live in zen for a while. Bill Murray was quite lucky in Lost in Translation. hehe That short time is enough for me..

Sodes ne.. hehe

Arigato! – Kuroikenshin


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