Dead End

It is the time to really stop and well, start all over again. =)

Thank God that my Dad eh ok naman, it was a longer operation that I expected through but good thing di naman naging complicated and not hard for him, especially at this age. Grabe, talagang matibay si Dad, it’s love, hope and faith made it possible to him to overcome, at least 2 major operations in his lifetime. I always pray for a long life for him. Or at least, enjoy life already at his age. Thanks for the family na nagsupport and together at these tough times.

For me, it is dead end for now. No more RAM na pwedeng tulugan after 4 hours of work then 4 na oras din na petiks. =( I gave up my shop that helped for almost 3 hours, the longest tenure I have in a job. Longer than yes, 24/7. hehe Pero parehas sila mahaba, longer than beloved Dell, and yes the worrisome HSBC and Parlance.

Although it was hard but I felt, it was the right thing to do.

Right now, I’m like facing a big wall and nothing to do, or let’s say I’m stuck on it. I can’t go back sa dati, it is a dead end. Pero siyempre, I don’t want to go back, and do the same things. Maybe it’s time to face this wall and try to climb o kahit think of ways to go through.

Well, I can pray perhaps until it moves. hehe Pero nah.. On the books I’ve read for the past weeks, siguro the best way is to find a way talaga to get out of it and lead a new path. Kung baga, nothing will happen if you stay put and pray, hoping for a miracle.. Time to take action, maybe go into that previous path pero other way naman. Or how about really, try to climb and see what’s instore at the other side. Mga ganun diskarte, besides ways are limitless in this life. Don’t forget as well, what you have, what you can take.. What you can do. What you want or what you need..

For now, after all what happened, it’s better to stop over, rest at this dead end. =)


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