Underworld: Awakening

Yes, I can’t believe this Underworld series will go fourth. Fourth film. The third, although it has Martin Sheen and Rhona Mitra, it did not sell for me. Maybe because of the shift of the main plot to the beginning of the their war. I miss Kate Beckinsale perhaps.

download (3)I was watching the review of this one at spill.com and I kinda agree with them, although this film, well second to the my fave underworld film, the second one. However, this one is not very distant to that film.
Simply as it goes, for a film starts when Seline is fighting for their lives as humans discovered the existence of both vampires and lycans, they go for total eradication of both races. Seline with Michael the hybrid dude trying to escape from cops but unfortunately, they were captured.. 12 years later, Seline woke up from being frozen and escape the facility. She discovered as well, that she has a daughter, named subject 2. She was helped by a vampire I forgot the name of the dude, brought in one of the surviving coverns and of course because of the importance of her hybrid daughter, the head of the covern rejected Seline and wants them out. Too late as the lycans suddenly appeared, ambushed them and got subject 2. Seline found out that the facility who imprisoned her is managed by a lycan. Lycans want to have the parts of her daughter so they can be a superior race. Although the biggest dude there, the big lycan is already superior, maybe they want also to become hybrid.
Seline ambushed the facility with the help of the cop who is chasing her and yeah, after a bloody fight, Mom and daughter team was able to finish off the lycans there. The problem is, Michael still alive but escaped from the facility and nowhere to be found. Cut!
Story wise, like spill.com says well it was well presented because it did show at the start of the film. A short gist of what’s going and then shows the present time. However, for me, since I like this vampire, werevolves plot than others, I hope they kinda explained some events before this happen. Like well, some plot holes of the story. For instance, how the lycans were able to escape from annihilation, I know the doctor has the highest position there but I think someone is higher than him to allow the research. How the heck Seline gave birth to subject 2, and if it’s 12 years later, meaning at the time of her capture, she was almost 9 months pregnant? =) And well, the last part, oh well.. I mean, cliffhangers are better if they are meant to really ask for more, but for this one. Damn, I ask for more.
Scott Speedman will be surely missed in this movie, maybe it’s intended at that way. Another problem is yeah, the shortest underworld movie in the series. Although there are a lot of action and great fight scenes than the other movies like the first and third one but well, yeah.. Damn short.
Ok, first to be commended for this one are the actors. I can’t believe Stephen Rea pull off a good job of being a villain. A geek doctor to become a strong Lycan. How about that giant lycan, wow, how they pull off that kind of effects from a small dude to a big one. Scary! But well acted as well, I did not know who that lycan is, until the final scenes are shown. Great suprise there. Michael Ealy well, good support from him, and his father as well, although I thought the film will drag at that place but it only shown like 2 scenes only and finished. The black cop who I thought will be a villain became a great help in the end, of course, he doesn’t have any powers, but good support though. The daughter, wow, if she’s that stronger at that age, how about when she enters 20’s? Like spill.com says, scary than the samara in the wrong. Well, she can just rip off anyone. That’s how strong she is, but great performance though for being human and yes a hybrid monster.
Kate Beckinsale is great in this film, although she has less dramatic scenes, but well, more action scenes. I think this is the film in the series that she done a lot of fighting, kicking ass and kill of course. I hope, she will not stick in this kind of genre or series, because she’s a good actress.. Perhaps hmmmm make a film about world war 2, not pearl harbor, or other flicks perhaps. Just to rise up her mileage as an actress. Action wise, very very impressive.
Gore factor here, is over the top. Better I guess for the other 3 flicks.
Well, I hope in the next underworld, Martin Sheen is back. Just joking, fans of the series, will miss Scott, so I hope he will reprise his role in the next one. And yes, there should be a sequel, same action packed one but please make it longer, like add around 10-20 mins of the film.
Damn I thought we see a lot of Kate in this one, but I hate that ice mist. hahahahaha
However, she is damn gorgeous in that tight black suit. Enough said.


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