Not Showing: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Definitely, utterly, in my dreams that this film will show here. Of course, who will watch a pure conversational spy thriller and yes, even my Dad will fall asleep about this film. Geez, or how about the audiences here? They might use this film as a after shift sleeping time. They will never appreciate about it.

download (7)When I’m real spy, and got old.. I want to be George Smiley. =) Composed, one faced great spy. One of the best spy characters I saw in movies.. For some time, of all time..
British Intelligence having problems around 1960’s -1970’s especially with their latest mission at Budapest as one british spy was caught and dead. The head of the team, was fired including dear George because of the mishap. Control was the head of the intelligence, which it is called the Circus. Of course you have, Alleline, Esterhase, Bland, Haydon as the other spies in the circus which of course not fired. After Control died, the other higher official wants to make action on what Control is guessing, there is a mole, a double spy on the top of the circus. Meaning the other 4 spies, one of them, is a mole.
Even fired and retired, as a dear friend to Control, George still started the mission with the help of Peter, and Ricky Tarr, the other spy who was ordered by another spy to get the name of the mole. There is another one, the one who got shot at the start, name is Jim. At the course the story, secrets are revealed especially with the mission of Alleline of project witchcraft which provides top secret and accurate Soviet information which George don’t believe can be gotten easily without the help of the mole.
Then, as it turns out, with the great skill that George has and great support he got from Peter and Ricky, one by one, they were able to reveal who the mole is. As suprise, Jim is still alive and well, so because of his lead, George was able to reach the double spy, of course with the help of Esterhase which well, quite worried about getting jailed again.
At the end, it was Haydon who betrayed the intelligence and he was the one who is helping the Soviet attache’ to get British intelligence and in exchange for the gold Soviet intelligence.. Maybe the goal is top the US but at least, they are on a safe side of the war if that happens. Sorry I gave the spoiler right away. =)
Well, let me say, although it is categorized as a drama, thriller film, you might wonder, if this is a spy film, there should be action. Like explosions, car chases and sort of. Sorry, this film is not. With only around 5 gunshots, and some punches, a shots of dead men. That’s it, so if you’re looking for action or gore, this is not the film for you.
And yes, since it is more on talking, shouting and angry voice, russian voice, this might get you to sleep. Less emotions shown here, so yeah, you might call a bad film.
Although with those specific flaws, but come on. When you have a great screenplay, a great assembly of actors, editing a top notch and yes, great 60’s look, and director.. You’ll have a great film.
Screenplay is great, I mean I haven’t read the book but I think I’m going to buy one. =) To compress that complicated story in 2 hours, you’re gotta be kidding me!!! The pace is great, dialogue although not easy to understand because of the accent and yes the complications of the story, it was delivered fantastic. No long explanations, just right for the scene and some of it straight to the point, so it was set up nice for the film. It only shows great emotions and confusion and the pace to guess what will happen, and who is the traitor. Indeed, it was quite an intellectual ride.
Editing yes, like the part which Jim is still alive because at the start, after his first scene, you’ll forget him but all of the sudden, he’s still alive. And the flashbacks are great, as it helps for George to cover the truth and the mole of course. The editing of course also helped to really check every scene maybe you’ll know the mole already, but no success. You need to watch it until the end.
Actors, as 60’s or 70’s it was, the suit’s and setting of it, really capture that time and shown it to the viewer as it was. And for others may not like old times, but for me, I did like it and never got bored with it. The great assembly of actors, really brought this film to became famous. When you have Firth, Strong, ammmm the other spies as well, Toby was great for his role as well. Even the russian chick who unfortunately got killed and short role. Tom Hardy was great in his role as the spy informer, I checked imdb and it should be Michael Fassbender, but dropped out due to xmen. That was a good move for Mike because with that role, hmmmm he’s great acting prowess is so much for that role. Tom is enough. Benedict well has a weird last name but also delivered well, I’m quite sad that he is doing the dirty job for George. John Hurt also delivered a great performance, the Control manages for a few scenes of his hatred and yes, the felt that there is a mole in the circus. Very great supporting cast, and they all delivered well.
Lastly, of course, Gary Oldman. At last, a role which shows, I think, his name fit for the movie. An old spy who is called out to finish a mission. Gladly in the end, he was very happy even it’s not showing in his face. What I like about him in this movie? Which I think we’re the same. Whether it’s already chaos or calm, he only shows around 2 faces. His facial expression is kinda neutral, you don’t know he is dumb, or tired or even happy. But he still gets the job done and very well mannered. Remember, he is a spy, and quite suprised, did not pull any single punch. Great role for him, I wish him luck to win this oscars in a tight battle. But well, George is very composed in any situation. Like how he is talking and yes, very smart. He’s cool with that quite big glasses. =)
The director is if you watched the let the right one in, the original of let me in, whether it’s thriller or scary shit, he’s damn good, I hope, he’ll make more of his movies. Maybe I hope, he’ll try original screenplay not the one he wrote but an original one for the movies.
It’s one for keeps and I guess, the only spy movie which doesn’t involve great gadgets, cars.. Beautiful women.. or perhaps, M.
“I’m retired, and you fired me…” George answered when asked if he can still do the job.


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