Yes, RAM signing off and some things as well. hehe I’ll stop at the 10th post, bitin ng lima due to a lot things to do, emergencies does happen in our miserable lives. But we should go on and live life. =)

Ah, bawi na lang ako sa Feb lalo na pag ok na tong mga gagawin ko for this week. One week, full of suspense and thriller. I wish I am George Smiley. hehe Very perplexed despite of what’s happening around him.
Ah, by the way, thanks for 24/7 for the opportunity, lalo na sa FS and RAM, it was fun experience.. Lalo na sa RAM na sana tumagal pa kaso yun talaga.
Thanks for the shop, it’s been a while, helping me a lot, it was a long time and well.. Good luck in the new journey. hehe
Sana, maging maayos ang lahat for this coming week, I hope I am able to fix this and finish it as well.
Yes, after all of this raucus.. I can get all the rest that I need. Yes, enjoy.. Less stress and focus on the things I want to do. Naks.. See you..
On the month of hearts!
It’s a better path to choose for now, start all over again…


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