Eye of the Beholder

I saw this good looking mom with her lovely children, the boy pointing her mom to go the right way. The nice daughter, well quite busy with her phone.

– Damn that nice daughter, looks matured but well I gave a second look, I felt she’s in high school. Nice family though, where’s the dad?

This dude flaunting his iphone while waiting for his shoes. He looks so happy with his iphone, and quite serious about it.

– Well, as I am thinking, I don’t like iphone because one it’s damn expensive, due to it’s branding. Another, the iOS or simply itunes, really dragging my computer. Although it looks nice but, design with it’s freaking price? No way! Maybe if it’s free.. I’ll give it a try.

“Same familar town, something distinctly brand new”

As I stroll these halls looking the same message with different figures, I’m wondering when will these shops open? Everybody is also wondering as they pass these closed/renovating shops.

– I hope they opened in xmas day, so the business can start running! I’m glad that they started not only fixing this place, but expanding the place. Making it more cozy and elegant in a simplistic way. What is the meaning of that? Meaning, better than before. Going to this place makes me feel quite rich even I don’t have money. I come here for the crowd perhaps.. I haven’t come here for a long time.

The family is quite irritated in waiting, especially we are eating our hearts out in this great chinese restaurant.

– I am thinking, we’re quite lucky to get a seat right away. We were thinking to say longer, to get them irritated. Nah, just joking. I love maybe making people suffer, for fun. But not all the time. I suffered that before. That’s bad for my personality. The old man looks hungry and angry. Let’s drink for coffee, nah, I think let’s just get out of here.

I am looking to this lady, very simple but has great looks. White skin, yet healthy hair, a nice smile. The usual innocent look.. Prim and proper, I can see.. Well qualified for me. =)

– Damn, I mean I have different standards, this lady is great. She looks quite serious but that smile and fun, very enticing. I hope she’s my other half. hehe However, I saw that ring, well time to move on. Look for someone else.. Geez, I’m quite unlucky at these searching the right one.

These are some things that I see and feel. Although my eyes can only see so much, my mind and heart speaks a lot. I see it in a different way.

You cannot really see what I can do, or think.

Deep inside, it’s different..

It is my perspective that counts..


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