Final Realizations

471. In this journey, I thought I was alone, I have Him by my side. Always.

472. Despite what happened to me, or the faults or wrong decisions I’ve made, blaming did not help me. Instead what helped me, is moving on to become better.

473. I still love my family, although not an ideal one.. I still do whatever it takes to care or share love, in this Family. =) Without remorse, always forgiven with all my heart and soul.

474. Love is the one who puts a smile on my face, all the time..

475. I just found happiness and contentment, through listening to my heart. =)

476. How Ironic my job is. I’m a collector yet in my life, I’m haunted and running from them, especially the big ones. Silly me! hehe

477. It was not easy to forgive at first. But due to teachings of Him, time and other factors.. I learned not only to forgive, but also to love which is forgiving. =)

478. Quite surprised, I have many, a lot of close firends.. Best friends. =)

479. Sometimes, I go to my friends first then family for help. hehe =)

480. Friends are like stars at night.
In your darkest moments, they shine.
In your brightest moments they hide yet prepared.

481. Di ko alam paano dumami mga kaibigan ko! hehe

482. To find the right one, or ideal one, be the right one. Naks.

483. Siguro, let the right one in na lang. Kahit iba sa standards, wag lang vampire. hehe

484. I admit it was hard to move on, pero important is nakamove on. hahahaha

485. I’m a big dude, so I should use my big voice! =)

486. I can learn everything, except in drawing for art, wala talagang talent. hehe

487. still afraid to riding bikes.

488. I should wear medium sized shirts or clothes.

489. I should get fit and healthy.. Get buffed. Perhaps.

490. I love blogging more after these years. My longest tenure job/work/hobby na consistent. Yun lang, no pay! =) At di nagpapatanggal ng trabaho. hehe

491. How much I love my family. I never lose hope, faith and love to them until one day, will be together not physically, but in one peaceful heart.

492. I’m grateful to have great friends I can lean on sharing laughter, sadness and joy. Definitely, the love and care they always show in most of problems, or struggles. I owe them. A lot.

493. This year, although I haven’t got rich or the things I want. The important is, I discovered things that are priceless. Things that can’t be measured. To value things which matters most, love, faith, humility, contentment, peace, service, forgiveness and a lot more. Things that can’t be taken away from me. Thanks for the year!

494. I pushed myself so much that I forgot myself. Now, I should take care of myself.

495. My words are like the Dragon Slayer, looks dull and bulky. But when it cuts, it’s like the finest swords.

496. My mind is invincible..

497. My heeart is indestructible..

498. Jesus, my savior, my shepherd and my redeemer.

499. Although it’s pathetic and ironic.. Life is fantastic.

500. THE END.


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