classics: Tetsuo the Iron Man

I can’t believe this will be a cult classic. Even there are many japanese films that can be an instant classic or perhaps worth to keep as a classic such as Kurosawa’s films.. Some of them, although bizaare or shock driven to your senses.. Made it classic.. In my top 10 of Japanese films, most of them directed by present and living directors. Some of course from Akira and one from Mifune.. This one well.. Suprisingly, included.. At least top 5..

tetsuo-the-ironman-japanese-styleA man who is well, found of metal sticking to his legs, and after he done it, he saw maggots on it due to infection perhaps, run crazy and unfortunately got hit by a car.The driver of the car, well, unfortunately speaking to his girlfriend about what happened and they agreed to forget about it. However, strange things happened to the dude, as he going to work, he saw a woman transforming to a metal lady, showing some scraps on it and try to catch the dude.. Woman was killed because the dude also showing some signs that he is transforming to a metal dude. As minutes and hours goes by, as the dude went home, well, every part of his body is transforming then he called his lovely girlfriend. Then, girlfriend arrives, meet the dude, and yes, girlfriend is asking what’s happening.. All of the sudden..

Dude’s body began to transform to a metal freak monster, including well.. that part.. Girlfriend obliged and she was killed eventually but revives into the same metal chick but due to the dude’s new power, he was able to destroy it. But there was another being shown after the death of the girlfriend. Through the TV, the being revealed as the metal fetish, the one was killed due to the car accident. Dude was surprised and well, got angry because the metal dude wants to kill him off as a revenge. The dude rushed outside and find this metal dude.. They fought in the metal factory, as the original metal dude killing the other dude, he wants to absorb him for another power but suprisingly, the other dude became powerful as well.. Finishing the original dude, and as he going to celebrate, something weird happened..

In the end, they became one big metal monster, promising to kill all and don’t care if they rust, as long they will dominate the world because of this immense power they have. Eventually, they loved each other for the metal power.. Sound gayish? But the looks of it, nah.. That kind of monster.. Yikes!

Yes, that film for me, indeed a cult classic. One of the best films made not only from Japan.. But in history! I know many might not agree. Of course, let’s go to the minor flaws of the film. First is the dialogue, I mean, the script is not really long or many due to the shouting, cursing but sentences or conversation? Not really much.. I mean they did explain it at the end, but that is so long.. Lastly, hmmmmm although many happened or it was delivered great in a span of time, I hope it was a longer film. It did not even reach 85 minutes and with all those fast pacing effect, yeah.. I hope there was a little bit of story like the metal fetish dude, or even the simple dude.. But yeah, they go right away to the action!!!!!!!!!

Ah yes, don’t be surprised, they did not say any names in the film. I don’t even know or even in imdb, there is no name tetsuo but what I guessed is tetsuo, the metal addicted dude. But anyway..

Fun parts!!!!!!!!!!

One is the soundtrack, that sound, damn.. I should find it, punk electronic sound that really fits in the movie.. Namely, the intro piece of the movie. Another is well, actors, suprisingly, if you watched Ichi the Killer, Jiji.. The old man detective who pawned the 2 main characters, was the director of this film.. He is the metal fetish dude. Wow, I just noticed it when I stared his face, very young dude. At that time. hehe I mean, great acting for him, and for the other dude, yes, especially his evolution from a simple salaryman to a metal maniac monster. Even his girlfriend, quite kinky but well she done her part. hehe

One interesting factor is well sincethe director is also a good photographer.. The theme black and white really fitted into the story. Especially the last parts which I thought, black and white is good for the metal theme story. Another thing, yes, even it has a simple story.. Wow, it’s a good written one, not complicated, not too simple.. Just right with it’s theme. Actually, it may give some lessons as well.. Maybe one time in our history, we might be eaten or be dependent so much with metal. Not literally the metal but things around us, it may consume us in the future.. So, that’s my take about it. But simply great written story, because with it, the pace is very fast and I never got bored even a single second.

The greatest factor I like this story.. The special effects. You might wonder, it’s look like a HS project but damn.. It worked effectively.. I don’t think any other stop motion films delivered good results than this film.. The chases scene, the transformation as well, it looks like not edited, like cut scenes. The transformation scenes look like real.. Hmmmm yeah, using more of recycled metal, meaning even with a very low budget, Shinya made some substitute to make the effects work through recycling, stop motion and yeah.. The black and white film. Shinya made a great job of doing this film, I can’t believe the experience when I watched this.. Will definitely wants you more of it.. A very experimental tight budget film that works. I did not see any other film in this decade.. Maybe others, like District 9, Cloverfield or Blair Witch perhaps.. But this one.. Experiment works.

Although the 2 sequels, I haven’t watch it but it has bad reviews about it, especially part 3.. But I’m not going to go for them..

This one is enough already.. No need for those sequels. Bad to the metal!!!!!!!! yeah. Even, please no remakes for this movie. Leave it alone.

Instant classic. Watch it. =)


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