K-CON Leadership

That just gave me, around well, less than 20 hours of sleep in 3 days..

Around less than 3 hours for all the travelling and preparation for those 3 days..

However, 1 thing is for sure.. It gave me and all of us, 1 glorious gathering for God!

Receiving Jesus guiding grace! Blessings from the Holy Spirit!

The light shines upon us in our darkest times… All revealed in his Glory!

Wayback 2009, I did buy a ticket for this event, but due to the place that I’m going to set in which was General Admission space, geez.. I changed my mind and did not come at that Conference.. But I promised one day, I’ll definitely go to this Kerygma Conference. Besides, even I read Didicahe everyday, I think it’s is still better to see Bro. Bo and other writers/sharers in Didache in person.

Thanks to the Feast, and CG, my dream of going to the conference came true! Buying the early bird tickets then getting a free shirt and yeah.. I know it’s worth to wait!!! Oh God, I can’t believe I’ll be going to the Conference.. At last.

After my work Thursday night, I went home early to prepare for Friday’s conference.. Leadership seminar. Well, even yes, I am a owner/manager in my small shop and yes, a worker in 24/7, maybe the notion of buying for Leadership seminar for additional knowledge or I’m thinking some signs as well..

Of course, all of us can be a leader but how? How to be a good leader? The signs that I’m looking is for my future decisions.. I don’t how or when I’m going to learn it but I am hoping I’ll find it.

Damn, my usual sickness, falling asleep syndrome.. Struck me at 11am and I forgot to do my routine for Friday so, I woke up around 5:30am and finish the errands for the shop and hope I won’t be late.

I was not late and I am quite very early.. Ate at KFC and still thinking what to expect in the conference. I wished, it won’t be boring like the previous conference I’ve been. Specifically.. College days..

After eating good at KFC and it’s already 7:30am, I went to PICC and get ready for the conference. Good thing there is a kit with lots of advertising stuff.. A free book and book marks.. Magazine and yes, calendar and pen. Great!

I expected there will be a delay at this rate.. The hall is not yet filled but there are many patrons still coming in. Techinical crew are going nuts because the stage and other equipment still not yet set up.

Suprise came and April is my seatmate.. So, I won’t be bored and the same time, fell asleep again!

April told me that the ticket says it is the number besides me.. I don’t know if it’s luck or coincidence.

Anyway, as we talk, around 9am.. The Leadership conference started already!!!! Yehey.. It started with prayer and worship and some important introduction about the day’s event.

First speaker was Bro Pio Español, which is the executive director of LOJ.. Quite interesting about his talk because about God’s calling to Leadership. He left his work, a very high position in SMC to serve LOJ. Although it was not easy for him because of his dues, payments, family needs.. He trusted Him to lead his life..

Indeed it was worth the sacrifice.. Now, he is indeed happy, especially how his family grown until now. He thought some interesting points, especially whether you want to prioritize in life. I mean not only serving Him, but if you other things to think about that you want to do, then think about it.

Second talk, well, it’s Anthony Pangilinan. At first when you look at him, my first impression is well.. He looks quite boring and not interested to give a talk. Honestly, his appearance well.. Yeah, you’ll not be enjoying. However, after his small intro, that is it!!!!!!!! Wow, truly a good motivational speaker. He talks about leadership qualities per se, but one quality he emphasize is really, a leader should know how to influence people.

Then, he discussed the 5 levels of leadership, not in detailed which I hope he put into, but gave general info about each level. Another thing is, whatever you’re doing, if you want to be not only a leader but good at something.. You should have heart, passion, meaning loving what you do, no matter what. And the second one, is you should have the skill of doing such things. Or assigned job. That time, I was like, I don’t have the first one.. Quite weird for me..

He is very funny especially when he talks about celebrities since he is a celebrity, and you know who are those celebrities.. I was laughing everytime he wants to poke somebody to your left and right. That was fun and his lines as well..

I can say, those first 2 talks, I can say it’s worth it already.. Especially Anthony’s part because it shares not only his life but also sharing what those experiences incorporate to his talk. Not only in simple terms, but in detail. I think I should enroll in his John Maxwell series.. Wow.. That’s why I’m not suprised if he is doing many talks around here and abroad. He is great! Definitely, if you see his promotion about his courses or leadership series, it’s worth it.

As I joking April of going home already, because of the 2 very inspirational talks, well.. We didn’t go home of course. After worship, we ate to the expensive carinderia. Geez.. Pay more, you get less food.. Great thing I ate so much at breakfast.

After the lunch break, 3rd talk came and it’s about finding joy at work. Being a leader at work perhaps, being discussed by Bro. Jon Escoto. Well, I remember and read the manual, it’s glory at work. The topic was simple but it gave an insight that you should be very blessed with the work you have. It is not only for yourself but it’s a blessing for others. I did feel that, especially what I’m doing right now at my work. My work not only helping or enjoying myself but helping as well, especially to my dear parents.

That leads to another talk, the 4th one, which is The Soul Leader by Jo Ivan’s look alike, ah sorry, it’s Bro. Alvin Barcelona. As talented he is, he started with playing drums and sort of sounds, continously.. It’s like giving life to the crowd, yes at that time.. I’m quite sleepy already.. It’s afternoon and yes, it’s cold inside the PICC.

The talk was about, as being a leader, you should have a soul to instill to your followers or colleague. It teaches about having a good relationships to your colleagues or peers such as professional and personal relationships. He shares as well, with those relationships, colleagues should be happy even you’re present at work or organization, or even you’re not there all the time. If you’re not present, meaning, you should able to delegate greatly to your other peers so the chain of command or even the aura of the leader will be still there at your group.

It was short but very lively at that part.

Then there was a short entertainment by JB the magician which gives another energy to the crowd. Fortunately, I did not volunteer. Nice! It was fun though..

Lastly, Bro. Bo, came in and give a talk about what it takes to use or to have a power of a Leader. Actually, one strucks me at his talk is, a leader should not give up on improving his group or organization or anything you put up. Accept failures, challenges and still of course, humble yourself. The best example? How he grow LOJ for what is it now. From a dwindling group 5 years ago, to a growing family until now. He shared the pains and how the Feast was set up through advices from different leaders.. I was surprised, that almost the well known charismastic leaders, he came to them for help. Wow, that shows a true leader who wants improvement not for himself, but for LOJ. Damn, I cannot even do that in my shop.

Anyway, after that short talk.. Insipring and a great one.. It leads to some ministry and worship time and ends the conference with a lot of wisdom of becoming a true Leader. I can say, and always they say, all of us are leaders at its own right, the only difference is, it’s how you show of you are a Leader. How you influence people.. How you lead them to the right path.

I can say, yes.. After Anthony’s talk, that’s it.. It’s damn worth it, but I’m not saying I disregard the other speakers, it’s just he’s talk is very different from the other speakers. I hope next year, they can invite other industry leaders or experts when it comes to this topic. I hope they do.

Well, but wait there’s more! Best things in life, some of them are free..

The next event, we are quite lucky to watch.


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