K-CON Free concert

After the leadership conference, of course.. There was a free concert. Actually at that time, I’m just waiting for a text from my closest friends but well, she was not available at that time.

I decided to go with April and enjoy the concert, besides it’s free and it has a good lineup of performers. Even I have so many things to do, why not enjoy sometime!

One hour passed with all the pushing and confusion about the lines outside the hall, well.. We went in and quite lucky we can go to the previous seating in the leadership conference. However, the usher wants us to go closer, then why not? We are in middle and more closer at the stage.

Then the concert started and yes, surprise! JB magician is back! This time, more longer routine and fun magic.. I had some great laughs at that one. Then, he instilled reflections in his magic, which is true. Great thing about that performance, well, it was not boring.. It was fun all the time! Great thing to start the concert.

After that, well I forgot but correct me if I’m quite wrong. The performers were K5.. Brothers Obet, Alvin, Jon, Arun, and Adrian.. Beatles style! By the way.. Sad news, no Arnold Clavio. Damn. K5 did a great job, especially when they put their wigs. I was laughing and had fun.. However, damn beatles songs.. I don’t know most of their songs. Geez.. But yeah, not bad for them..

4 sisters arise after that, Cercado Sisters is the name of the group and yes they are sisters. They sang some pop songs which for me, I don’t really listen to. But the crowd had fun.. Great group and I can say, they can perform individually.. Definitely and I am thinking, their parents are quite lucky.. Having 4 children well, they are now ladies perform good. Maybe they want to stick together to avoid rivalry perhaps.. I can say, they can have each of them.. A career.. Vocals are good, they have the moves. The looks as well.. I thought the one who is the youngest, is the one, the eldest of the group. Great! I think I’ll going to The Feast QC to see them as part of Music Ministry. Forget PICC. =)

Surprise, the next performer is not in the program.. Actually she is supposed to be in the single parents stream but long and behold, Ai-Ai came out! Wow. That’s free for you. This part of the concert I can say, I laughed the hardest because of her stand up jokes and how she performs. Indeed, she is talented, for me, hands down, an icon.. I think, no lady comedian can really surpass her especially in this industry… They are some who are trying, but well.. She is uncomparable.. I think I’ll watch the Enteng ng Ina Mo movie in MMFF.. Vic and AiAi in one movie. Epic!

After that raunchy and funny performance, Top Suzara is the name of the dude in freestyle band. I just known that while I’m reading the booklet. He wrote one of my fave OPM songs. Before I let you go.. Hay… Sigh.

The first song, I did not like it.. I even asked April, what is the name of the song after he sang it.

Second song until the end.. It was freestyle days.. Yihee!!!!!!!!!!! Damn, I hate those songs.. But it was fun and even it’s almost 10pm, wow.. I was alive!!! Its just that first song.. He should sang other pop songs.. But great artist, I don’t know why he went solo? Hmmmmm

Next one, well.. They marched the stage wearing their yellow shirt says 25th anniversary. Bukas Palad group well, I can say.. That is the group for weddings! I mean a great choir which can combine in a resounding voice, that’s it!! Great and how they work together, it’s simply great. Hmmmmm, very interesting group. Although they did not sing any pop songs, more on inspirational songs, I was not bored. There are many nice looking gals in that group..

Anyway, next one.. This should worth looking at.. Barbie. I can’t believe well, she is working alone, of course in her 3 member band but yes, she is the only one famous. Damn, can’t take my eyes out from her. Can’t you believe she is married and I think has a kid or two, but for short, she’s a mom! Still rocking hard and great guitar playing. Wow, and she has a praise album, I mean spiritual album.. Damn.. Why some ladies when became older, they became more beautiful. Just a thought.

The sad part of her, well, she only sang 3 songs and the set up is longer than she was playing in the stage. But great band she has, from the girl drummer and mohawk bassist.

Then, after that, some worship with K5 and Bro. Bo.. I think Bro. Bo should, sing all the time. Just a feedback.. =)

I was lucky being watched that concert.. And more blessed because it’s free.. Even I ended up at home.. 1am. Whew..

Thank God for Friday.


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