Caring Group

We were having fun earlier because of that stupid but fun commerical of one famous coffee brand… Grabe with emotions pa ha. hehe

This year, I met new set of friends, at not from work, at definitely not from the schools I enrolled. =) Not even my kapitbahay or acquaintances, FB friends or even multiply.. How about the dying friendster? Nah, di ko na siya binubuksan..

I met these interesting people to this somewhat group, called caring group. Ah, siya yung pantapat sa evangelization ng other churches.. Sample eh yun sa NSOLL, na I got into once pero sobrang serious and they discussed it in a murky way.. Quite depressing perhaps.. One time eh I’m out..

Quite after that, years perhaps and I was invited to the Feast by my best friend.. Which I’ll share it later.. =) After the Feast, I go sa aming CG, tawag namin. It is a group of individuals which shares what happened sa buhay in a week, then share din kung ano effect ng talk sa aming buhay.. And kung may ishare na problema na pwede itulong na group eh kasama na din.. Tapos prayer intentions na din, wishes.. Counselling pala, and most of all, fun!!!! Saka Q&A na din for some topics na kailangan ng clarifications..

Actually, di naman siya requirement but Bro Bo says, try to join one, eh kami ni Rheg looking at the list, and we saw a singles caring group. Yes, there is a theme or common interest kind of thing sa every caring group. I want to join sana sa Businessman/Entrep, or Anime.. Or IT sana.. Kaso all of them, after 2nd session.. Kakatamad na! hehe Then we saw na mayroon for after 1st session under a certain April Diño, which at that time, wala na kaming clue pero after 1st session eh. Sign na kami and the rest, pretty well blessed.

At the first meeting, ahmmmm nawawala kami at di namin alam san kami, then ayun.. Biglang may mga naghahanap din under her name, so kami naman ni bes eh usap sa kanila.. Then all of the sudden, there is this lady quite young, advising us meeting in her own CG sa labas ng reception hall.. With the other members.. So, ayun.. Pwesto na at every Sunday.. The Feast won’t be complete, without this great CG.. A company of souls searching for answers.. Or souls who are looking a place to rest for a while..

A group of souls thristing of serving God. How to do it or even how to enrich this spiritual life other than listening to the Feast. Besides, we are made to serve others. God. Love as well in the Glory of Him. =)

Ah, no.. Even kami ay halos single.. Ah yes, may mga couples din kami, like BF and GF kaso considered pa din na single sila, di pa pwede ata sa couples CG. hehe

Ah, what I like sa CG is I was able to meet different kinds of people. From a simple worker, to an Account manager.. Others naman, simple corporate employee.. Banker, Auditor, BPO slaves. hehe Counselor, Engineers, Writers.. Admin, and other professionals din, at my businessmen din.. Kulang na lang politician. hehe

But almost all of us, status eh Single. For me, at first, wala naman ako ineexpect masyado. Siguro, isa lang.. Maiba naman ang ginagawa ko sa buhay and to meet other people of God. Or if possible, other poeple na din, especially who needs help.. Parang vocation na din..

As Sundays came and gone.. May mga problems din kami naencounter. Minsan nga nagkataon malungkot lahat.. Or minsan masaya din lahat. Pero isa sigurado, everytime kami magkikita.. Sigurado lahat stressed sa mga ginagawa namin in personal lives. hehe

Pero as time goes by, we are getting closer as activities we do.. The advices we give each other, the help and support and most of all, the reflections and prayers we do to overcome these difficulties. At ang pinakafavorite ko, since I want to really.. Serve God in other ways, like outreach and service.. The activities we’ve done, sobrang nakakatulong sa min, to realize not only how blessed we are, but how much needed to work for to serve others. Meaning, God’s calling to bring more people to gather his harvest.. Yes, bring more people na din sa The Feast. hehe

Activities like visiting orphanages.. Doing social work sa Gawad Kalinga.. Helping other organizations na din or sama na sa ibang CG.. Ang dami na namin ginawa.. Kahit nakakapagod at minsan nakakainis due to the situation, eh God’s will prevails.

After the activities, tulog na lang katapat at pahinga. hahaha

Siguro sa lahat ng ginawa namin.. Actually lahat nagustuhan ko, pero yun pinakagusto ko.. Hmmmm sa December ko na lang sabihin.. hehe And 2nd eh, Grace to be Born activity namin kasi talagang sumaya ang mga mothers and unwanted children dun nun nagvisit kami. Third is, yun sa Priest retreat house! Ah, hindi pala, sa He Cares activity namin, kasi nageffort naman ako.. Dami kong dala. hahaha

Ah mayrun pa yun Singles night out.. Actually ayoko ko nun.. Ayoko nun kinanta ko. . =)

But anyway.. Kahit minsan gusto ko magpahinga muna ng Sunday due to the works I’m doing everyday.. One of the reasons na pumupunta pa din ako every Sunday is to meet always this CG. Tamang tama naman talaga yun name na Caring Group kasi talagang nag cacare kami sa isa’t isa. Naks!

Siguro.. Isa lang yun medyo ayoko o minsan kakatamad, honestly.. The long hours in our CG.. Mas mahaba pa yun CG kaysa sa The Feast mismo.. Hahaha minsan umaabot pa kami ng 3rd session because of it. Pero because of God’s grace, nasanay na kami, at mantakin mo, may mga bago na kaming kasama at natiyagaan na kami. Hahaha

That’s why.. I always say to my CG, I’m looking forward every Sunday, to see them and have fun together.. Yehey!!

I’m not sure, maybe one day, nothing stays forever naman.. But for sure, what we’re building will be beneficial in time, God’s time.. Friendships build in this session really changed me, to do more.. And be more flexible.. Kala ko versatile or flexible na ko, pero nadiscover ko dito, kailangan todo pa ang pagiging flexibile and understanding. =)

Thanks to my CG and I hope, always.. Whatever happens, wherever we go, we continue take care each other.. God bless always to all of us, and continue kung kahit magkaiba ng CG or other groups.. Or ministries, don’t forget, we continue to serve God for his glory here on earth. Always…

I want to thank, of course, our lovely CG Head.. April for leading us, of course kahit minsan wala ka.. hehe Pero most of the time, nandito ka sa min to lead us to the right path and of course encouraging us to give help, serve and praise God through our group. Pasensya ka na sa amin kung minsan magulo kami or pasaway but we thank you for always guiding us. Especially now, dumadami na kami, we wish kaya mo pa din mag lead sa min.. Don’t worry, if you need help, we are always here. =)

Sa old CG kina Owell, Mel, Cathy, Glenn, Lovers namely Kris and Jordan.. Bevs 1, Ven hehe Francis at Cris!!! Mga bro at sis.. Wala lang. Hehe Joke ah, sana tuloy tuloy lang magkita or hindi, keep in touch and keep the faith for God and to our Group ha.. Tama na muna paghoholdup para sa libre. hehe

Sa mga wala sa old CG, pwede pa kayo join ulit. hehe

Sa mga bagong CG, pasensya na sa min ha. hehe Pero let me tell you, you’re in good group, I mean great group! Di lang magaling ang CG head namin, pati ang members ha. =) Kaya sana maenjoy niyo company namin, wag masawa sa kakapunta sa CG namin.. At feeling ko, baka mas magaling pa kayo sa min lalo na pag may activities na kami. hehe Have fun and kung may problems, don’t be shy to ask help from us, wag lang sa pera.

Punta kayo every Sunday sana for our CG.

Tomorrow, it will be a glorious day, as we, one CG thanking God for all the blessings he gave us because of what we did and celebrating siyempre the closeness we have already. We hope we continue this through your guidance God and yes, I know we are already many..

We need to bring more for you. =)


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