38 months

I don’t know why I answered that figure, perhaps it’s a out of the blue answer. Pero dahil na din siguro, alam ko na at naramdaman ko na wala nang mangyayari. hehe You might ask bakit ang tagal? Di naman dapat ganun katagal to move on, but eto kasi si Sir panay kulit. After that fateful day, siguro it took me a year to swallow that heartache, then some months to recover and yeah.. Tried to communicate with her. Then comes 2009, a surprise visit pero ilang hours lang. Naman. hehe

Then after that, wala na.. Even I admit I still tried to communicate but well, she doesn’t answer anyway.. As you see, looking for someone else is already recorded here at parang matagal na ko naghihintay at wala pa din, that time na siguro I can say I moved na.

If you ask why it took some time to recover kasi like I said before, the relationship is not really the usual or common one. It was a complicated but a fantastic one. With all the hardships namin, trials and situations, at least kahit it ended, di madali for us. Sayang lang siguro.. One of the few mistakes or regrets in my life. Sayang lang talaga.

Pero yun, hanap pa din but parang ngayon, tinatamad na ko for now, and needs to fix myself not because of the break up, pero siguro a change in myself.. More being healthy and schedule wise, alam mo naman, I do 3 jobs in a day.. Geez. hehe Deep inside, ok naman ako, at eto never lose hope looking for the love I’m wishing. hahaha =) Never give up on that one.

Di naman maiwasan siyempre na naisip ko din kung paano kung kami pa din.. Or now, talagang pwede na magwork all through out, mafulfill yun plans namin. We may became mature for now and well, katuparan ng mga plano namin. =)

Well, that’s not going to happen anyway.. I’m not even hoping pa, I know hope is quite a motivating word, but for this one, I already removed that. Hoping one day, with no boundaries or complications, say hi or talk na lang..

The only thing na lang I pray or wish for her, just 2 words.. Happy and Free.

She knows that naman what I mean for it. hehe I admit I had plans to go south just to see her or meet pero, thanks to tight budget and some info, di na lang. hahaha Punta na lang ako in a different place to relax and live life.

Well, yeah.. Even in FB I was blocked.. But great thing, she looks fine now.. By the looks of it, same lovely face, with a quite straight hair, medyo nagpataba. hehe At that aura of hers, I feel.. Still the same..

She likes that pose.. Indeed.

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