I can’t believe this month is over. Almost over.. NBA is over for the month of November but I won’t be surprised that it will delay the whole season. I can’t believe na tapos na yun manual labor for some things but siyempre, the money side of things will be there always. Pero nagkakaliwanag na din. hehe

Wow, I can’t imagine kung paano ko nalusutan itong month na to. With all the pressures, targets at due, mukhang sabi ko ayoko ko na. But with him on the side, ayun ayos na. Pero mahaba pa to.. hehehehe

At least yun mga mahirap tapos na, and yeah, personally I was in a lowdown talaga pero that’s life. Sometimes, you will be on top, and sometimes, you will be in the pits, or rock bottom.

Anyway, yeah at work, ayun mukhang pagaan na pagaan na kasi alam na medyo yun mga shortcuts at techniques at higit sa lahat, may time sa petiks.

Kanina lang, kakalungkot di natuloy yun meeting, sana maaga ako nakauwi. hehe Pero ok lang, sale sa SM at namili kahit kaunti. Sana natulog na lang ako sa LP. =) Di bale, may next pa naman.

The other next posts are quite hard, kung pwede lang iba na lang kaso nandito na.. No turning back. Mahirap lang kasi magisip. hehe Bwisit, ang hirap kasi ng topic.

Next week is already November then next month, December.. Wow, Christmas is coming and yes, a better months ahead. Work, shop and other things, sana maging maayos lang. According to plan of course.

Ah, yes… Topics will be, quite eyecatching. Saving the best for last. hehe

Yeah, I forgot, I really need to make most of my remaining VL’s na. For rest and some important things. This next month na siguro, pero sana may matira pa ko na VL para makeri over next January.

Well, I sum this month as a low for me. Although in the last days, nakakabawi na pero siyempre most of the days are down and I’m quite stressed and freaking out what to do. But thank God, well, sometimes, those events will put at halt and eventually, it will be done.

For now, I hope for the best, moving on and have fun.. Live life!

Oh, happy birthday to TL Jo-anne.. Alam mo na ha. hehe Sayang talaga nun Friday. Pero thanks TL at one of the best TL’s talaga that handled me.. Galing!

And yes, to number 3, 28 at 28. Nuff Said. =) A lovely birthday to you! Akalain mo parehas kayo ng nickname ni TL. Ang birthday lang hindi.. One day apart.. hehe

Ah may another similarity.. You guess what it is. hahaha

Looking forward to the 11th month…


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