Display behind the Glass

I was standing at that glass display and thinking what the hell I am going to do with it. It’s tedious, it’s freaking me out and yeah, I can’t simply do it.

I look now and it’s worth the effort. =)

It is a hard task to finish what is due. Actually it was due since months as they suggested to have the display similar to what they have. Wines, cigarettes and other vices, or even milk. I thought of doing it like in the malls but that is expensive, way expensive. With limited resources, funds and well, some short runs, I thought of making it simple yet more likeable, cost efficient and eye catching perhaps. It took me some time to think of the concept and of course, who will do it or more so.. And importantly, the things that should show up there.

Well, for the concept part it was done in matter of days then some floor plan or drawings of the display then I tried to get the right people but I end up asking help from my reliable sales ladies. Then, the stuff that needs to show up well, it took the longest time to get because of you need funds and some old things that can be put up there.

At the start of the month, I was like very sick and worried about how I can finish that work, and having some problems with the stuff that I need to show. Thank God, after some help and sales, I was able to finish it.

Although not perfect, damn, it’s worth the struggle, or worry about it. I’ll just finish some parts of it and yeah, it’s nicely done.

I thought of it’s better than using tarpau or other streamers and flyers. It’s really end up on this, and it became simpler and less hassles. As years go by, even I want to really sell it or leave it already and have a simple life, when I look at that display, I think we will be together for a longer time..

A longer time and let’s see who will be the first to fall off. =)


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