Before when I went to the US, advertising perhaps has the biggest impact on me when I visited there. Well, you can see every product placement on buses, large billboards, TV spots which are quite many.. Placements on tv shows, or talk shows, geez, even in the toilet.. Makes me say, you will see those adver everywhere or anywhere you go. That was almost 15 years ago.

For now, well, suprisingly, the adver industry here grown. We also have large billboards, product placements, or even in the LRT/MRT, there is advertising. Buses which uses advertising to cover some holes in the vehicles. TV commercials also improver whether it’s fun, informative, quite shocking and sometimes, well.. Sensual perhaps. Some, well.. Crap. Like the one I saw in the mercury drug mini lcd tv, there is one commercial that I really, I don’t know.. It was made to annoy the consumers to promote a certain product, using cheap effects. I won’t be suprised that commercial made only an hour. That MX3 capsule crap. Geez. hehe See? Even that is crap, I remember the name of the capsule or drug.

Advertising is evolving, always. It is like fashion which it changes almost like 6 months to a year.. But in Advertising, as long you have a new idea that will help to sell a product/service/promote as well, then it will work.

I was drawn to Advertising before, I wish I took that course, not because of what they do.. Ehem. The people around in that industry.. Models, the Stars, and great brands for free.. You know. Still yeah the models. hehe But as I took BA and for sometime, with the experiences as well from my friends who works in this industry.. I felt, I am lucky not to work with it. Well, for now, Adver goes with Events, Promotions and other marketing strategies to entice people simply buy.

I heard when working in this industry, the number one concern I have is tenure. Job tenure and security. I mean, deadlines or dues are fine in this industry, I can work under pressure or reach targets all the time, I don’t care running around buildings to get approval on a certain project or event, or a deal. Tenure is the hardest one, I mean, you won’t be lucky every time to have a project.. If you don’t have a project or a work for a certain company, then you don’t have work. You don’t have pay and it will be on a on call or project basis. Geez, I can’t imagine you can work 6-8 months in a year, then stop for around 5-6 months. Wow, so others, doing doble jobs or worse.. Others simple get all the network or contacts they have just to have a deal struck. Whether it is a very large company, or a small business working around your neighborhood..

However, I learned alot from just watching commercials.. Reading print ads, or hearing them in the radio. Looking the big signs as well, how to promote the product or show it in a great way. Even the display in malls, stores, or how about in the supermart that we are staying to. Those simple things, you can get ideas to use it at your own advantage. And yes, it is interesting how it works, studying human perception on those ads..

If the thing you sell, has a great brand, it is easier as well. That’s why these agencies always go for the big ones, then if they don’t reach a deal, it goes lower, and lower and well.. Get anyone who needs an ad. hehe Commercial perhaps are the hardest ones, because I counted an ad, and it only lapses 30 seconds, then at the back of my head.. How are you going to fit everything at 30 seconds? Geez.. Well, it’s possible. Thanks to TV ads, promos and placements. Placements I think is the easiest, just approach a show you want to display your product, then if the show likes it, no effort after that. The star of the show will just say thanks to this and that plus you will see it at the end credits.

For more details of placements, watch, definitely a classic again from Morgan Spurlock, the greatest movie ever sold! A very fun and informative docu about advertising and yes, focus on product placment.

Catchy lines helps.. Great models or even endorsers who earns millions just saying around 3-5 words. Wow. hehe

And now with the help of the net, a tons of short ads, which sometimes, a virus. hehe Other net spots, or ad hits as well, which the website or blogger gets it’s earning. When will happen that to me? =)

Anyway, Advertising became for me, a separate entity from Marketing. Well, marketing has a large scope but to really simply explain Marketing. Now, just say, look around you… If you see a product on the wall or anywhere to just be aware there is something. That’s Advertising, oh sorry. Marketing already. Marketing/Advertising goes together these days.

Marketing=Advertising. Wow..

Instead of Marketing is a action or a part of the company which doing all the selling stuff. Nah, I forget the exact meaning, I am tired of going to wiki anyway.

Ah yeah because of Advertising, it thought me what is tarpau and how to design my shop in a cost efficient way. Which is not really cheap. =)


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