Not Showing: beats, rhyme and life: The travels of a tribe called Quest.

Long Title, geez. hehe But as you know, I am not really into Hip hop, or rap.. I have some but not lot of it. I watched this trailer and damn, some rap or hip hop artist are saying that this group called a tribe called quest are one of the greatest, ever to promote or show hip hop/rap in an artistic way. Well, the director is a white man, so, I was kinda interested. I said to myself, well, I’ll wait for that documentary!!! Quite curious.

download (4)Surprise, after it was shown in many festivals, this is it. I just watched it last Wednesday and ate up my time to prepare for work! hehe But it was a well time spent.. One of the best music documentaries, especially for hip hop.

Although, there are some minor hiccups perhaps. Hmmmm, just the pace of the story is quite slow at first and yes, I hope it has a longer version, how they make the music, and influences to not only famous artist but the masses. Although it showed but it was quite short.

But the good thing about this documentary, well.. First, how good they are, how they became that group, after watching some bloc parties, DJ’s at their neighborhood.. Getting help from Jungle Brothers and De La Soul, going mainstream and became successful. Second, how they are able to make such good music and after 2 albums, all the artists want to do a cover in their 3rd album. Wow.. That’s how good they are circa 1990’s. They did revolutionize hip hop without bickering, or anger or pimping like it is shown today. They made hip hop as a craft..

What I liked most? Well, the struggles they faced, the fighting between Q-Tip and Phife Dawg, then Ali was kinda doesn’t know what to do. How about Jairobi which is always the middle of the fights. The downfall, which is quite sad, like the last album they did, Phife commented it should not be the love movement, it should be love hate movement. hehe Then, of course, the success they did and how they became legends.. Until now, suprisingly, they are touring, still to overseas.

I was sad when the parts of Phife Dawg, when he got sick and needed operation, they went to a reunion tour, had some fights again with Q-TIP and the part that the kidney donor was his wife. Very sad moment shown there, and as Jairobi describing how hard Phife recovering from the operation, it just a sad sight.

All ends well for them, as they tour overseas, the last one they shown was in Japan and it ends, they still owed one album from Jive. hehe

Because of that docu, I go right away and get their albums. hehe Of course, you know where I will get that.

So, I became their fan. =)

Weird name, but oh well, their sounds are like looking for something.

Truth and life to y’all!!! Word up!


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