Whirlwind of Events

Walking outside and seeing a lot of leaves going through, quite suprises me. It’s like Milenyo at around 4-5 years ago, strong winds and a lot of rain. Flying roofs and leaves. Even my wind-proof umbrellas were no match for that strong wind. I asked if I can really go through this really rain and wind.

Leaves falling down, even big branches fell. Wrecked umbrellas left in the streets behind due to this event and yes, no vehicles or cars in the streets, it is very scary to drive at that condition.
For me, I really need to get things going because in this kind of business, you can’t close even it’s you’re facing a blackout. Except maybe for the end of days, like what happened in Ondoy but well, I need to open like my brother does.
Yes, I am walking through the strong wind, doesn’t care if I get caught by it or simply fly away.. I just need to finish this and I thought as well, I need to go early for work. Yup, in this kind of job, unless the client has also the same kind of weather, there is still work. Luckily for students and some corporate employees, they can rest for this day.
Me? Nah, I just getting started.
Around lunch, I thought of getting ready to go at work, amidst of this trouble, we still have electricity though but I think later, it will be closed.
As I expected, waiting in wet jacket and clothes, I am waiting for a jeep, fx or bus, even a cab. Unfortunately, there is no cab, fx and a lot of jeep, but they will only end at Quiapo. I thought maybe it is so flooded after that area. Great thing, there is a bus, up to well RP. I rode the bus, and the bus was darn fast, until suddenly it stopped at Manila City hall. It was not only flooded, more so, it was submerged. No light vehicles can really pass that mess. Great thing this bus can go through that, until UN avenue.
I was stuck there for almost an hour and thinking if I can just walk through it and wait some jeep or another bus to go through until Buendia.
I run of luck, I need to walk from Pedro Gil until Quirino and great thing, that there is a jeep going to Buendia, I rode…
Then I reached Buendia and I am running late already, I texted TL that I’ll be late. I did not even make some collections because I am tired and being late as well.
I came to the office safe, however, everything is in chaos. Signals are jammed, no eloads.. Electricity went down and well, I’m freezing already due to the wet clothes, but still I have a job to do. Luckily, I don’t have calls.
Added to that pressure of course, I missed some dues, and my works has been delayed, like this one. This is not the post I want to put now, it should be a different topic, but I’ll put that next month anyway.
Everything, just chaos, and I hope this day and Pedring just go away.
There was a shuttle but well, driver left us after our shift. Great thing, no more flooding, but the strong wind is still there.
I went home exasperated, catching some breath as colds is coming in, I slept in a dark night.
Another round of whirlwnd and strong rains came again..
Geez, quite lucky that it only took another day and it is back to normal.
Except for me, I’m getting worse colds and some headache, sitting here, thanking that it’s over. Thank God.
I just hope this coming weekend will be rise and shine. =)


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