Working 2 jobs at least in a day.. Geez

Blogging, or ranting, or talking, whatever!
Watching films, especially now, I am so much behind, that I think 80% of my collection, I haven’t seen them, even they are just there. hehe
Changing, which is inevitable..
Rest, pero scary naman yun. hehe
VL, para mabawasan ang workload.
VTO, wag, mawawalan ako ng sweldo. hehe
Communication, friends, family, at Him.. Of course. Her? Nah. hehe
Praying and serving him…
Eating, kaso mukhang mababawasan.
Listening to sounds, especially at work. Music is life..
Playing especially sa free time. If I have any.
Walking in this very long journey..
Working hard each moment.
Mangasar kay Sir. hehe
Telling what is life.
Hoping na matatapos ang lahat ng problem, pero wag naman lahat ng bagay. hehe
Exploring, to other productive things, especially to those things which might prosper.
Trying even you know it might fail.
Sigh, hay…
Looking ahead. Forward, for the best. =)
Stop? I don’t think so.


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