No Shoutouts!

Dati sa FB, ayun lagi may shout out ako. Pero dahil sa sobrang busy ko and whatever, ayun nakakalimutan ko hanggang sa di ko na nagawa. It is weird indeed. Maybe because may blog naman ako to really show or at least to know where am at. At mahirap din naman ako lagi may shout out, because I should be careful what will I say or spit out.

It is dangerous, especially if I won’t think it first. Twitter it’s all about shout outs, which make me not going to that all the time. Others do, likely celebrities, and their fans are freaking waiting.
As I thought for some time, siguro time na din mag shout out, pero di naman lagi. Yun tamang paramdam lang at mangulit lang kung baga. hehe Well, I just don’t know what to say for now pero I’ll try. From myself, or friends, movies, music, other crap, more crap, politics, sports or whatever that I have my 20 cents worth to say something, I still try to do it. Besides, I am harmless, at times, but sometimes.. It may cut through.
Yes, I should also check the shout outs of others, dami ko namiss na di ako nakareact. hehe Pero well, that busyness for you. Even those simple and important updates, I sorely and deliberately missed due to my limited time or I just focus mine. How selfish I am.
I won’t start right away.. Slowly and surely I’ll get there, to spill something out and see how it goes. Will it increase my presence or let’s say, some ol’ nothing changed type?
I don’t know, but I’ll look into it.
“How tiring the day was!”


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