No Luck

They asked me if I had lunch, I said yes, because I told them I ate already, some sandwiches earlier. Deep inside, I was damn hungry.. Damn, I’m quite unlucky this past Thursday and Friday. While, I’m doing some work, I can’t believe I am working in a stressful rate.. Not due to the work I had at those times, but damn, what’s happening on that day. Sales are low, then others haven’t paid me because they are on a trip, and some, training. I was quite frustrated and wanted to cry or just go home and sleep, but unfortunately..

I can’t, I still need to finish my job and thinking, I could move on after this. Despite these troubles going in my mind, I prayed that after these days, even I am asking for somekind of good things, just let me out from this and yeah.. Better hope for the better.
As hours passing by, I can’t imagine why is this happening to me at those days, especially in those important days. I need to pay this and that in the following days but suddenly, I did not pan out. I am suffering, and I felt bad.. I just want to give up of sorts and get mad at myself or feel bitter.
Good thing, prayer does work, even I have no luck at those times and felt bad, it made stop and ask God, to let me through this day and finish it better in the following day.
Well, I was able to go through! =) Even the sales were not that high, it was enough to really pay some dues and invest for the day. I’ll make my stops today to well, get some funds and for my allowance of the day. Thanks to my Sis for the help and well, thank God, especially yesterday.. It was tiring yet a fulfilling day in spirit, faith, hope and especially love.. Love to myself and others.
Like Raims says, I need to love myself, maybe more. I’m focusing so much at other things or what needs to do.. But despite these busy strides, I need to be inspired for now. To do that, loving myself will be a good start. Not only doing some rest, maybe stopping for a while, think what’s better for me, or plans for the future and remove or overcome any fears or worries of the moment.. That will be a good start.
I do believe in luck, but I don’t really believe that luck will really help me or achieve the goals I set.
I believe it’s more on hard work and most of all, pray always for the best.. Or even worse but you’ll get out from it.
I think luck won’t able to do that.
Ah for the record, it just so happen, this should not be the post I want to put for the topic.
But because of what happened, I decided, it fits better.


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