Well, got irritated kanina due to some mistakes but, palipasin na lang..

UST is only 1 win away for a suprise final four encounter.. hehe Others, well, one lose away, see you next season. hahaha

What the heck happened last week until now. Well, ayun like I shared earlier, financially stressful but well, ok na! hehe Thanks God and Ate! =)

It was a great way to start my month. Got the first 2 days of rest, and it was quiet and great for me. Even quite worried pero ayun, nakalusot na lang. Tried to go out, pero I ended up, by myself.

For this month, and yes, some surprises!!!! Pero ang sure eh, less work, more on usual routine stuff.. Saka yun sana, matuloy na yun kay Dad. Geez para matapos na at gumaling na siya. =)

Ah, what else, hmmmmm It Ber months and yes, Christmas is coming, and for me, looking forward to it kasi sa business. hehe Pero rest and others, siguro sa work, sana makuha ko na process at Var pay.. I need new shoes you see. hehe

This month, a lot of no’s.. Less Yes perhaps. A start with the classic films which I already saw one last night. Very classic!!!

Quite morbid din. Pero just curious and poke fun at it. Very ironic.

Yes, catching up na din.. For some things, at yun.. Walang magawa but that’s fine, kaysa naman sa lagi may ginagawa! hehe

Enjoy this month, less troubles or worries, ah yes. One sad note.

Di na matutuloy ang travel, kalungkot.. Pero priority ko na yan by next year. hehe At mabuti din di tuloy kasi wala naman ako madadatnan sa isang lugar mapupuntahan ko. =)

For now, stay put and live life..

More massage and time to pay up!!!

Diet na din, iwas kay Chic-Boy. hehe

Pero ang lumpia, masarap sa Quiapo with sarsi.

At yes, sana may progress na ha.. Kaso why they’re busy? naman.. =(


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