Not Showing: Che Part 1

“Homeland or Death!”

Patria o Muerte.. If I’m right for what I heard in spanish..

download (2)Actually it should be a different movie that I should watch but when I’m start scanning this movie, I started watching it and finished it!

I never heard that this movie was shown here, but anyway, I anticipated this way back because I was surprised that Benicio Del Toro started as the iconic guerilla hero, Che Guevarra…

The movie was directed by Steven Soderbergh which I remember, this is the first film I watched made by him. He is indeed a good director.

This film of course, not only Benicio Del Toro’s performance but the feel of the movie. It’s Cuba, the 1960’s which they are threats of wars everywhere, but in this small country, there is a revolution going on to topple a regime which is not helping Cuba at that time.

It shows how they live at those times, how poor they are and how the revolution really started and worked. It’s funny because it only started around 80 men, then at the original pack, only 10 men left who saw how successful the guerilla was. Even Che was surprised as well. But very sad when not all his original comrades got alive.

The settings are great, even the costumes are not that detailed but the setting of it and how it was presented, it was good. But not detailed and fantastic.

Music, very spanish, but I liked it since it is in latin america and very solemn as well, for the film. Just right for the film..

Editing and pacing is great! Even it’s 2 hours, it’s like you want more as the story goes by and how Che will move on in the story. Cuts on how they recruited, fight until the finish and Che works as well, very compassionate and wants to serve the people as much as he can.

Even I have some requests orlooking for more details like how they get more funding, or how harsh was Batista leading Cuba and how US is a threat governing Cuba, it’s not there as much I want. They say it but not showing it and they tell it in snippets so at the back of your head, how was really it at those times in Cuba.

There are two things I like in this film. Rarely a film which so much dialogue than action and thriller since this is a sort of war film or guerilla film, it never got me bored. I was excited everytime about the dialogue, great thing there is subtitles.. But how they speak and relay that to the viewer, real and somewhat, accurate.. Especially Che’s speeches which are very detailed and fantastically done by Benicio.. When I researched in you tube on how Che speaks, Benicio really almost got the mannerisms or you know the accent of Che. Very well done, and most of the characters as well, like Fidel Castro, or the wacky yet brave commanders of Che. Excellent parts, it’s just great.

Lastly, the actors, and yes, I was surprised, Benicio just won Cannes for this, but other than that, no noms for golden globe or Oscars. I forgot who was the best actor in 2008, but it says Daniel Day Lewis for There will be blood. Hmmmmm, but anyway, Benicio should at least be nominated. Then all actors done their parts, like Catalina Moreno, the xerxes dude Rodrigo Santoro, he is Xerxes? Julia Ormond, great part for her.. The Fidel Castro actor, which I really like even of course as we know,he is also iconic, but the film shows even he is the real leader, he was shown as a supporting role for this movie. Great casting and plan for that one. I loved how they speak spanish! Bravo!!!!

Bonus one, hmmmmm that’s why Cuba today even they doesn’t look rich but well, they have great amatuer boxers or in the arts as well, and free hospital, and medicines! Che is the pioneer that even in socialism, it should be equal forall to get free education, learn to fight and mostly of all, help all those in need. That’s why for now, they are sleeping superpower because they just keep and not harm other countries unless they are provoke. Like what China is doing, or even Russia which was former soviet superpower. They just stand still. Maybe that what communist for, not used for corruption or power over the people, but help all the people and be equal. Unfortunately, not all of the countries have that thinking of communism, some just wants to see the world burn and using this as a perfect tool for it.

I was surprised, Che is from Argentina, and a bit crazy because he wants to liberate the whole Latin America from US intervention and ideals of imperialism..

Let’s see if that works in Part 2!

I almost watched it but well, it’s already 2am. =)


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