It was a suprising month.. This July..

Why? Hmmm siguro with all the deaths happening ha. Lalo na si Amy, grabe, up to now, I was shocked. That’s why this week, I’m listening to her albums as as tribute and maganda naman talaga. Kaso sayang talaga siya, I saw her last video, yun gig niya sa belgrade.. That was scary and with that look.. Inevitable end happened. =(

To other souls departed din na mga kakilala ko o kamag anak, may the souls be departed in a peaceful place.

Surprising kasi medyo less stress at ayun alam na ang gagawin sa 10th month. hehe

Ah, ayun coping pa din sa RAM pero sana pasado naman ako sa first month with them, mahirap na bumagsak sa GRIDD, lalo na yun May ko, di pa tapos.

I am now getting some routine na din. Di pa perfect kasi may times na after work, tulog agad. Pero slowly and surely, may routine na ko para bawas na din gagawin later.

This month din, nakakastart na ko watching some stuff na. Sa wakas, pero baby steps pa naman. hehe

It was a good month, I mean lesser stress and work but many outreach na din ha.. Sana tuloy tuloy na sa CG natin. hehe

Less problems na din, siguro sa benta na lang.. Pero babawi naman especially sa next weeks.. Go!!!!

Sa wakas, naabot ko yun 15 posts per month, back on track! Sana tuloy tuloy ko lang. I had great times and low times this month. Siguro it’s because of loneliness saka yun effort ko everyday to work. Kakapagod pumunta ng 3 buildings every day. Pero ok lang, malaki na din nun umalis ako ng FS.. Lagi ako hinahanap, yun nga hanggang madaling araw, paload pa din! Ayaw magpahinga. hehe

I expect na din sana makapagmasahe ulit ako.. Grabe, di ko nasusunod yun at least 2 times a month. Siguro it’s time, to commit sa masahe. hehe

Damn, I need to excercise na talaga, to have a tip top shape. =) Kaso ayusing muna ang routine ko. hehe

In the End, ayun, sobrang nagulat ako na kakapanig ko sa sounds niya, biglang news, wala na siya…

I’m going to miss Amy. Definintely. =)

Not a great month but well, just leave it as it is and make it good. Let’s move to August.

I’m glad after this, somedays of this week, I’ll get my rest for now. Leave my fingers at a rest. Just give it somedays of rest.

Later, it will be back. =)

Oh, one more thing, surprisingly, Berserk will be back. It will be a remake and it’s a anime movie, I’m looking forward to it!!!! Yeah, the blackswordsman!

-Kurt, Janis, Jimi and now Amy
(It’s not the trip, it’s the destination) As per Circus leaflet.


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