You’re Wondering Now

I was going home earlier and listening to 2 songs of Amy. A fast paced Monkey Man and reggae sort of You’re Wondering Now.

I was searching in the net minutes later, I saw a shocking news and really hurt me, Amy died in her home.

Amy Winehouse. A great musician, not only a singer.. Musician..

I encountered her music, while searching the net and some news about her follow up album, after Back to Black.

That was around early this year, and since she has only 2 albums, it was accident that she has an early album. I listened and I was floored! I was mesmerized and yes, wow, she’s great! Like I said if she was included in Grammy’s for Aretha tribute, she can sing all her songs.

Frank, her first album, which was made circa 2003, I thought it was a new album, pop and dance tunes with her resounding voice, a perfect pair. In My Bed, I was surprised that it’s the tune used in the NBA games preview at Solar. Hmmm great beat and dance rhythm, it’s like a chillout sound.

Then of course, her masterpiece.. I was shocked, that will be the last album she made, Back to Black.

Interesting cover though and simple display.

Inside of it, one of the best albums I heard, for the past decade. I was not only floored, but dazed and addicted to it. Every playlist I have, it should include some songs in that Back to Black deluxe edition album.

The most surprising aspect of that album, not only it has the support of Mark Ronson, and producer as well. But the sounds used to it, a great mix from pop, some rock, mellow, love songs and lyrics used to it, damn, transparent, radical, and true..

Most of the songs there, has a distinctive style, using 60’s style. Wow, I was like, how did she think of that? The lyrics were astounding, fearless. Like, Rehab, You Know I’m no Good, Love is a losing game, and Back to Black. They were not my favorite songs in the Album. Although I love them but I discovered some songs there I really like. I put in my playlist those 5 songs, but the most played songs were not written by her. Which at first I thought it was written by her! According to net, it’s her revival songs. Wow.

Monkey Man, ska type song which is fast and it just like showing her voice in a ska song with great melody. You’re Wondering Now which is I thought a reggae song but it’s like oh well, just great song because her range of voice is simply magnificent even she only says like 4 lines.

My favorite and it will forever be, definitely.. Even it has a content about drugs which I don’t do, Addicted. The intro was magnificent and the tone, wow I thought I’m in those 60’s pop songs and the lyrics, straight forward about drugs. One of the songs should be in the list of banned songs. Songs like Rape Me, Orgasm Addict and other songs which you’ll never hear in a public radio. =) But this song, definitely, has art to it, great voice from Amy and the band then her male backup vocals, it really turns back time. Very innovative, creative and most of all, fun. I don’t know with her. With all her songs, it may wake up some motown greats about what she wrote and sing. Geez.. Gotta surprised them.

Unfortunately, due to her songs which most of them are her true accounts, like other critics, went out of her hand. I watched some of her guestings, it’s like the male host begging her to stop drinking and leave her estranged husband at that time, and all she says, no, I want to drink and nothing else.

I was shocked that she can’t control.. Geez, how many artists/musicians in our generation went through to this kind of lifestyle.. Maybe it’s fame or some of them, doesn’t want to get famous. Yes, there are some artist who doesn’t want to get famous so much, because maybe they are afraid to lose fans or high expectations which may not meet.

For her, it’s just so much addictions to vices, from drugs to alcohol.. Booze and you can see that. I mean in her some performances I saw in youtube, it’s seems she was lost or out of sync even her backup band was always doing great and backup, but her, it’s not her. She is not there in the concert, that kind of feeling.

But some of her performances are great, it’s like watching a rock concert, with all cursing and how she feels about the concert. Delivers better than when she sang in the album in her great performances. I like what she did in her grammy winning performance. That year, all waited for her appearance. She did not appear personally due to legal problems? I think it’s just maybe her addiction I suppose.

Nevertheless, even with that kind of attitude of hers.. Even with all the scandals she created or happened, the only thing I will remember her is her music that really jives with her old school likeness, combining with her truthful lyrics, together with her soulful diva voice, a perfect example of an artist. Or she simply recalls a musician.

I watched her documentary and one R&B dude was surprised that those songs she created was sang by a white chick. Remember Amy composes all her songs, she plays guitar and I think piano, not so sure, but the rhythm and every inch of the song, she wrote it.

Fantastically made, and she inspired a lot of singers, wannabee like her. Let’s say Lady Gaga perhaps, come on, well, she is good at pop songs and all the drama she does, but I don’t think.. Well, she can sing other types of songs, like rock, jazz, love songs.. In a basic way, but anyway she’s good. Pop culture icon that followed Madonna.

Amy was different, did not mind media for bashing her but she is more devoted writing or just recently she did put up her on record label to help indie artist, like her goddaughter.. And I forgot, a R&B dude, I cannot check her website now.

It is sad that we can only hear 2 magnificent albums from her. Great thing, even she passed away at a young age, those 2 albums are priceless.. And really stuck in my heart, and mind. I can’t forget that voice and lyrics, like in Love is a losing game, which well, true.

Well, about her looks.. I like her in the Beehive mode that her in Frank, quite chubby and young. Even with tatooes and quite sexy, I like her in that. Radical but strong woman. =)

Except for the eyelash I guess.

With many souls rested this past week, that I know, this one, I really stop for a while, and thought.. Such a big loss. =(

I can’t imagine still, after I watched her last appearance, maybe at the back of my head, and some critics as well, this is inevitable. It was.. =(

I forgot, and surprised, if it’s correct.. How great she is? Winning 5 grammys in one year and no other brit done that. I thought Led Zep or Beatles done that, but well, she done it already. =)

If there will be an attempt to do biopic, it will be hard. I just thought of Eva Mendes, but I don’t think she can sing and speak british. Just a thought. =)

May she already find peace wherever she is now, thanks for the music Amy!

I thought as well, she might came here and do an one night gig, but that won’t happen. Forever..

Amy Amy Amy..

“You’re wondering now, what to do, now you know this is the end
You’re wondering how, you will pay, for the way you did behave ”


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