Not Showing: Blue Valentine

I saw this trailer before, and I was surprised that Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling has a film together! The trailer was great, full of love and despair, accompanied the goofy singing of Ryan Gosling, I promised I’ll watch this movie.

download (1)I saw this trailer in SM together with the Warrior’s way feature, I saw in those TV trailer spots there. My hope is high that this film will show, in SM!!!!

It was shown in the US already, got great reviews, some problems as well because it was slapped by a pathetic NC17 due to some sexual scenes. What the heck?! I still high hopes that this film will show here..

After all the awards were given out, Michelle got her Oscar nod, but not Ryan which is outrageous! The film was already out in DVD in US, and yes, the film was not shown here..

Months and yesterday came, yes, finally I watched it.

The story is simple, Dean and Cindy are middle aged couple who are struggling and trying to be together despite the odds. Dean already contented with his painting job, some beers and a great wife which is Cindy. Cindy is a nurse who works all out but has problems with it due to relocation of her job which she doesn’t want to do, loves her family as well.

They have a lovely daughter and the story evolves how their present relationship work. As a family, as a couple, as parents to their lovely daughter. However, due to financial circumstances as Cindy urge Dean to do a lot more of his work, because of his potential and their attitudes as well changed as they fight each other over some things. Like Cindy met her ex in a supermarket which caused a fight even Cindy doesn’t have any intentions already with her ex. Dean is very possesive and got angry on what happened.

All of the sudden, Dean invites Cindy for a night in a motel to patch things up, talk things over and do whatever needs to do to fix their problem.

As the story goes, it shows flashbacks on how they met. How Dean is before, Cindy is an aspiring medical student which of course has a relationship with her ex. Name is Bobby.. I guess.

Then when Dean saw Cindy at the first time, he was struck and felt it was love at first sight. He is determined to meet Cindy at all cost. At first, Cindy is feeling awkard due to her status at that time, however, she is not happy anymore with Bobby and decided to break up with him.

As time goes and some courting of Dean, they went out, had fun and as young couples do, love really blossomed.

On the other hand, Dean and Cindy went to the motel, talking about them and yes, they did that and this but at the end, as drunk they are.. It did not work, they fought again and did not agree on the important things. They are falling apart and most dangerous is their love, going nowhere.

Then, as Dean already in love, Cindy discovered she is pregnant and did not know what to do. She met Dean and can’t tell it right away as Dean attempted to jump off the bridge, Cindy told him indeed.

Dean was confused especially Cindy doesn’t know who is the father but Dean acknowledge it and promised that he will take care of her. Cindy was dazed especially she doesn’t know what to do but she found care and love with Dean and she did not give up on Dean.

Unfortunately, well Bobby is not finished yet, he found out Dean is responsible why Cindy broke up, he attacks Dean and well, Dean got hurt.

On the present time, Dean was left lying in the floor while Cindy went straight to work. Dean not realizing he is drunk and still looking to reconcile with Cindy. He went to the hosptial were Cindy is working and confronted her. They did fight and hurting each other until the boss of Cindy came in, threat to call the police! As Dean is drunk and very agressive, punched the doctor as he thought the doc is nailing Cindy or other things he thought of. Cindy got fired, went home with Dean. Dean throw out his wedding ring, tried to find it but well, he did not find it.

He tried to persuade Cindy to give him another chance to make up and change just to avoid divorce and for the sake of their daughter. But Cindy was fed up and doesn’t want to do it anymore for their marriage. Despite all the troubles they went through, she is done with it.

It showed how they got married, at first Dean courted Cindy’s family then showed how romantic they are. It also shows the CD Dean gave to Cindy as their love song which they played in the motel.

They got married in front of a federal judge and kissed, as husband and wife..

Unfortunately, Dean left Cindy and watched the fireworks as it flies in the sky, still hoping he and Cindy will be together. Dean tried to pursuade but Cindy got tired already.

End. Closing Credits.

What a movie.. Indeed worth the wait! Great bitter love story.. =)

Of course, it has some flaws, just minor ones. I consider it well, not really affect the whole mood of the story. First is I hope it has a better ending. I mean, the director should like have the couple reconcile a bit or even it’s lost already, there will be a scene like they are trying to do it. But none, it’s straight up, let’s divorce. Sad but well they have no other choice. =(

Second and last, it’s disappointing that Ryan Gosling was never nominated, in Oscars. I mean in other awards, he has but in this one. They snubbed it, like Sam Rockwell in Moon. I know if he does nominated, it will be a close one against Colin Firth but honestly, nah.. He has a chance to win! But for now, let’s wait when he will win.

Now for the good stuff, first that I really love in this movie is the pace and editing. It’s not that fast or slow, as long it runs, and the emotions are very high in every scene, perfect. Great pace and editing as well, as imdb states, they shoot the young scenes first than the older ones so meaning when it was finished, they reconstructed in a way that it shows. Which marvelous! Especially when it becomes happy scenes then it will become sad.. That kind of tone, it helped the movie and realism as well.

The realism of the film helps, I mean even in improvised dialogues, it helped especially when you have 2 great actors.. Actress and Actor. hehe It shows depth and how the story was delivered, it is simple but complicated as it shows the details of their relationship.

So, the ending helped in this story, even it’s very sad, that fits well in this type of juncture. I can say, it’s like my story, I thought Eternal was almost like my story, but after watching this.. 70% of it, then put it in reverse, that’s it. Damn I wish I am Dean, except for his work. hehe

Then, lastly, ah I forgot the sounds, of course, the OST which is quite light and moody, great!

Lastly, the performances of the 2 actors. Michelle, that’s why she got nominated, it’s not easy to act for her character and it changed in the end. Not only for nudity or stuff, but her performance is damn great. Her looks as well when she was young at the story, very provocative and effective. I liked her most when she is fighting, I thought wow, how long she’s been with Ryan? hehe Unfortunately, well, she is against Natalie Portman and for the 2 performances, I’ll go for the Black Swan. But if Natalie was not included, clearly, Michelle is the winner.

Ryan, my man!!! Damn.. His looks, even he has a weird last name, but damn good looks. The performance, I still can’t believe he was not nominated perhaps. Every scene he is into, great and the transformation as well, damn good, especially the last parts.. It’s like I used to remember I did that. Honestly, like he begged to come back and other scenes like how he courts and bringing something to Cindy.. I just realized, that’s how sweet I was before. I don’t know now. hahaha

Goofy singing as well, that’s why I need to get that song. =) I just did not like about that character, he transformed to a possessive husband. He punched Cindy’s boss thinking Cindy is cheating on him. Or how about Cindy met her ex in the supermart and even Cindy explained, he got angry of sorts. Geez, but well, that’s part of the story.

I put this film, better than 500 days. I mean 500 days is great, good ending, OST but the realism part and the pace, I like this better. Simple yet effective, cost cutting as well. hehe

It’s better than Lost in Translation because even it’s sad, it beats out the chemistry of Bill and Scarlett, which is I know happy but they are better than 500 days. In 500 days, you are not going to like Summer. In LIT, you gonna like the 2 friends, but in this one, love and hate for both Dean and Cindy but it’s great. The realism did help to deliver what’s going on to them.

Even though not the best, but definitely I refer this, and please if you’re a couple and wants to watch this? I hope you’ll not break up when you go out. hehe

Maybe SM decided not to show not because of the sensual scenes, maybe it’s that concept. Perhaps. hehe

Oh well.. Besides I love the color blue then you put love into it. I was sold into it.

Great masterpiece.


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