Movies 100

At last, ayos na, century marking of pirating!!!! hehehehe

After 2 years na, umabot na ko sa 100 DVD’s that I can keep. hehe

Anyway, it’s a great thing that I was able to collect and well, keeping this for a very long time. Sana my dvd player na kahit malaki ang file, play agad. hahaha Para di na magconvert.

This one includes

13 Assassins – Like I said, one of the best samurai films coming from surprising Takashi Miike.. Wow, great action, acting, an epic.. And the film I was shocked and loved as well. Scary though. hehe

Fish Story – One of the best as per reviews since 2 years ago, or 2010. Jap movie about a punk song which was not really known and how it influences all the people who listens to it as it goes time and how it saved the planet. Weird but very funny.. It’s a first time I watched a Japanese film na musical oriented, di ko pa natapos. hehe Pero fast forward, mukhang yun ang theme

Gross Pointe Blank – classic favorite, naalala ko napanood ko to sa VHS, at hiniram sa Video City. May OST pa ko nun na cassette, HS pa ata. Great funny story about a hitman who well, having second thoughts of going back to his HS reunion. I just thought, John Cussack has a taste sa sounds ha. Greatest will be High Fidelity. hehe But this one, one of my favorite.

Limitless – I can’t believe Bradley Cooper has an acting talent. hehe But anyway, di ko pa napapanood ng buo, maganda naman kuha ko at interesting how he delivered in this movie. It has good reviews though but will see. I’ll see. hehe

Of course, I’ll see if I can reach 200, but with my list. May possibility but first of all, I need to watch them. Because I like it, for better or worse films, I should be curious. Geez, I hope I’m getting paid for this. hehe

That’s fine, it’s for keeps anyway.

Burn na!!!! =)


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