As I always, go to these 3 buildings of my beloved company.. Everyday.. Due to collection stuff, na sana one day, pwede naman dumeretcho sa building ng RAM, kaso, pag malaki ang pera nakalabas.. Kailangan puntahan sila and no matter what, I need to be there early, before my real shift.

Let’s start off with the bad one..

Along Ayala ave, there are tall buildings, as the signage says all the AAA buildings are located in Ayala Ave. Indeed, there is PBCOM, Philam life, Enterprise, Ayala triangle, the BPI main building, RCBC and other old buildings but well, they are there already since then. One building does not stands out.

That is the Insular life building. Built as the emblem says around 1930’s, ewan ko, kung pwede, gawin na lang siya museo. hehe

Their building in Alabang is great, for this one, nah..

Nung nalipat kami dito, kasi dito na kami nagSaturday shift, pero ang totoong building namin is MJ, but the first building we used, before is RCBC talaga.

Nung lumipat na dito, hay.. Even in my previous companies, or even dreaded HSBC discovery, this building just really sucks big time.

Ghosts in the basement.. Kaya pag training dun, wag masyado magtagal sa CR dun. hehe

CR, wow, very strong water yet less amenities.. At kung buenas ka, somedays they don’t have water, ika nga sabi namin baka offline.. hehe

I know they are doing some repair in the interior or walls, but well, maganda yun sa min but the whole building, walang futuristic appeal. When you enter, you feel like in the 70’s or 80’s or worse, older than that. hehe If you old filipino movies at may office setting, parang nagshoot sila dito. hehe

Ano pa, well, mabuti yun Mezzanine nila may ok na restaurant, walang kamatayan jollibee, at may bago, chowking at siyempre, Chic-boy! Gerry’s grill and yun pineste ako ng birthday ko, ang yellow cab.

At ang pinakaconvenient talaga, pinakaadvanced and the best facility nila, is the ever relying, pathetic elevator. No offense kina manang ha.. Si Shiela gusto at magsideline as operator. hehe Pero, grabe, maraming beses na ko nalate, kasi di ka pwede mag honda sa auto in sa sobrang automatic ng elevator. There are many times, na naku bad trip na nga araw mo, eto pa ang gagawin di ba. Baba na, biglang tataas.. Naku naman.. Very futuristic yun elevator.

I tried one time, since I’m in a hurry to go back after lunch, sobrang tagal ng elevator, naubos na yun extra time ko!!!! Ayun, I have no choice but to use the high stairs. I mean high.. I’m going to 8th floor, so ayun takbo, hinga tapos around sa 5th floor, I need to catch breath, tapos ayun.. Nakabalik naman ako, 1 min na lang ang pahinga.. Crap! Parang nag10K ako dun. =(

Ah! Yun birthday ko, kung di ka naman buenas, that Saturday, isang elevator lang gumagana. Good job! May bitbit akong dalawang bucket meal lang naman. Thanks ha.. hehe

Because of that elevator, bawal ang 5 mins left before auto in.. Ang lunch din, kung si Magpantay naman ang nasa pantry, dun na lang kumain, lalo na kung ang lunch eh 12pm.. Good luck!

And a lot of freaking patience. Damn… Kaya I don’t think they will renovate the building due to the structure itself, no renewable thing they can just replace. They need to demolish that thing. hehe

On a good note, siguro, isipin mo, 1930’s, at wala pang ayala ave nun, siya na ang nandun. Meaning it withstand time and malay mo storms, typhoons or earthquakes. Maybe if you encounter the ghosts there, it may tell some stories of the building. hehe

Kaya siguro di ako tumataba o well, pumapayat, one of the factors is going to this building. Effort talaga, at mainit pa.. Then pag malas, stairs. hehe Pero mabuti naman, di na ko nagstairs, maaga na lang ako pupunta..

Mabuti na lang, RAM doesn’t have any plans going back to this very historical, nuisance place..

If I’m a business owner or an agent looking for a place of a company.. Even the price is the lowest in the Ayala business district..

I won’t recommend this, unless they can withstand the great and hassle facilities. hehe

That’s why starbucks is just located at the ground floor. =)


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