Yes, I never thought I won’t hear those voices again. I hope that will be the last.

However, my shift became this, a shift which I think better for me except for the going home part. Indeed, I was transferred to a midshift, starting at 3pm until 12am. But great thing, I won’t be in a hurry going at work. hehe

But it also entails a different responsibility which of course relocating landline customers which I won’t tell the specifics because you might get lost. Indeed, especially with the tools we use. Christ. hehe

Fun part is yes, no more pesky or troublesome calls and the same time, working with beautiful sounds in my head. Yeah boy!!! hehe

Sad part, I need to figure out how to go home safe and sound. Well, it’s easy but oh God, the streets that I’m going through are well let’s say, bad things have a chance to happen. But that’s included in my schedule. I can’t blame or curse it. I’ll just need to find a safe way home.

For now, I am enjoying this especially if I am able to embrace the work load which is tons of it and the process which some part of it, prehistoric.

It will be a new team and a new challenge. Making my stay a bit long, which longer than I expected. A schedule which is very predictable, meaning I can do a lot more, unlike before.. Somedays, it will be different schedule everyday. Crap! hehe

However, like I said before, I do miss my old team, and it was hard to leave them all of the sudden, but well I’m moving on, it’s part of the job especially in this industry..

It will be a good beginning for me, and I hope some plans I pan out, might work.

Starting at 3pm.

I love the place too, it’s MJ and quite chillax and cozy.. Not scary unlike the previous one. hehe

Damn, meaning I need to change my diet!!!! Grrghh..

Starting a new life at the middle.


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