Dream Match

Of course, there was Pacman vs. Dela Hoya!

LeBron vs. Kobe!

Lakers vs. Celtics!!

Big D vs. Big 3 of Miami which of course you know what happened.

Tom vs. Johnny, I made that up, but well two fine actors!

Erap vs. Pnoy, which of course, nashock na 2nd pa si Erap. hehe

FPJ vs.Paquito, geez it happened for 100 phil movies, rest in peace.

Bruce vs. Kareem, glad it did happen before he left. =)

Nadal vs. Federer, always.. Naman.

Pacman vs. Floyd, which I hope it will happen…

Next one is collossal.. hehe

Sora vs. Maria!!!!!!!!! yeah boy! who (censored) better? ;P

After that, stop that addiction. =) Damn those two.

Even in my wildest dreams, I don’t think that won’t happen.


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