Anak ng tokwa.. Whew, kapagod magsulat ng 6 ha. hehe

Anyway, for this month. Alam mo na ha, this is our month!!! You should know why.. =)

For this month, yes, full of suprises awaits!!! Wala lang malakas ang trip na write ko dito.

Ano pa, ah yes, getting older and a lot of changes. Saka siyempre sana matuto na ko magdrive since yun schedule ko bago, may time na for that. And for being fit!!! Yes, let’s see if it will start. =)

Ah, ano pa.. Siguro sana manalo yun Gilas!!! Manalo kung sino manalo sa NBA, pero sana walang lockout. hehe

Hmmmm just enjoy na lang this month and live throughout with it. Besides, I just want to be free from troubles or finish yun kailangan tapusin o bayaran.. At yes, please don’t believe I’m playing those farmville stuff. hehe

Even I am tired, great thing, I was able to finish all of them, just now. Bale bukas kaunti na lang gagawin!!! Mga pang display na lang and some work.

Work never ends and hoping this month, getting some steady rest.

Damn, somebody already won 350 million jackpot.. Geez..

Pano kaya pag ako nanalo? hehe Hmmmmmmm basta isa sa gagawin ko eh magbigay.. then may pang bayad sa lahat, at pang bayad sa…. Yun na! hehe

Anyway, I’m just kidding, tulog na ko.. Tama na to, and the next ones I’ll prepare na.

At yes, to avoid what happened in May, dapat may deadline na dapat ako. =)

This will be a lovely month..


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