As I lay and almost fell asleep in a coutch, waiting for the 12am screening, I am expecting nothing at that point. Why? Got tired from work and shop.. Got tired of harassing some friends to drop by at IMAX and buy the ticket we reserved. hehe

Most of all, what to expect in this film? A not famous lead actor but has a great supporting cast.. Great effects in the trailer and intriguing storyline, and looks good at 3D.. The other CRAP members, hoping not to be like.. uhm.. Legion! hehe

download (1)Well, we did not care, waiting for one and a half hours for this movie was indeed worth it!!! =)

Story goes around Asgard, like the house of Gods in Norse Myths, but I am not sure, I was sleeping in that english class way back in HS.

Then there is Odin who a God in Asgard and has 2 sons, one is Loki, silent yet quite smart and diplomatic.. And of course, the mighty Thor who is to be crowned the next in line and well, quite stubborn and arrogant.. But strong and fearless..

While the ceremonies are starting, and almost done of the crowning of the new king, someone tries to sneak in the king’s vault of precious items or whatever, and Odin sense it, and killed the thieves.. Discovered, well, the frost giants.. I forgot where they come from but definitely from the another realm.

Thor got upset when he heard Odin will not attack the frost dudes even there is a grave attempt to get their power back… Like stubborn kids, Thor went to a quest to teach the frost dudes a lesson, of course with the help of Mjolnir, if I got it the right spelling. Some friends as well, the chick, Kakihara and I was suprised, the actor from Punisher?

Of course, Loki went with them and they traveled from Asgard to that Realm with a help of the scary gatekeeper but damn tight one.. Great gatekeeper.

They went into the realm and Thor as arrogant he is, did not blend well with them, so he fights them.. He did not even care his companions which almost got killed but great thing, there is Mjolnir and defeated the frost dudes, and got scared.. But of course, dad came, Odin and dare the king frost dude to fight him and finish it once and for all.

Well, the fight did not happen and as Odin very dissappointed for Thor’s disobedience, he ordered Thor to be thrown at earth and learn to be humble or at least human.. The Mjolnir, well, thrown at a different place.. At Earth.

Thor yes, banished and slammed at the pits of our simple planet and got bumped by a simple Jane Foster, a scientist like in twister but not chasing storms, her trusty assistant and Dr. Skaasgard, the dude from angels and demons or the recent exorcist.. Thor as he thought, still a God was tased. hehe

They brought him in the hospital and broke out to check where he is and how to get back at Asgard was well, met Jane and Co. again in the same accident, this time at a parking lot. They were able to know him but due to some local dudes are trying to get something which is immovable, Thor thought it maybe Mjolnir.. So, at night, he went out and doesn’t care if the place is damn high security station, wants to get his hammer.

While doing that, of course back at Asgard, Odin got sick due to a quarrel with Loki. Loki discovered that he is not a son of Odin, he is a member of the frost dudes, somewhat angered him and since Odin was quite sick, he fell and powerless. Loki assumed to be king since Thor is not there and ordered not to reverse what Odin did to Thor.. Loki has a good plan planting up for himself..

Back to earth.. Thee..

Thor raided the place as he discovered it is his hammer and treated guards like small time mall cops and sekyu here, so he did reach the place but cannot get his hammer.

Dumbfounded and dazed, he was arrested quickly by SHIELD.. Then of course, he did not tell who he is and what is he doing whatever, because he was stunned about it. After the interrogation by the agent who also appeared in Iron Man series, Loki shows up and told Thor, Odin is dead because of what happened and Thor deeply regret what he did and agreed to be banished from Asgard and stayed here at Earth..

Then he was brought home by the Doctor and advised him stay away from Jane because of well, I don’t know at that scene. hehe But definitely due to Jane’s interest of him.. The dad tried to beat the dude thru beer drinking, it did not work.

After that, of course, Thor told almost anything to Jane and well, getting closer to her..

Next morning, or by the way, Loki went to the frost realm and get some dudes there to kill Odin and get the source of their power.. The king and some henchmen agreed with the plan which they don’t know what will really happen..

The friends of Thor agreed to see him at Earth and well, even it was restricted, the Gatekeeper agreed to allow them go at Earth.

Of course, Loki won’t agreed on that, he sent a good bodyguard all the way to Earth.. By the way, he frost the Gatekeeper since the dude doesn’t want to follow Loki.. Geez..

Then, as Thor sudden change of heart became respectful or quite humble, really, different from the first one, saw his friends!

And he was shocked that Loki tricked him.. Then yes the good bodyguard came to Earth to kill Thor and friends..

Unfortunately, Thor is just a human and tried to stop the steel bodyguard and almost killed him..

Deus ex machina approach came in, and yes Mjolnir just attached to Thor as he became humble and noble as Odin expected of him, Thor became Thor, god of thunder!!

He dispatched the steel dude easily.

Then he and friends went back to Asgard to settle with his evil brother about the devious plans.

Loki quite busy of doing his own plan. Quite impressive, killed the king of the frost dudes to impress his father and show him, he is better to be the next king.. Thor came in the picture and Loki was suprised..

They fought hard and yes almost destroying everything.. Then Loki got crazy to destroy his root planet, but Thor doesn’t want it to happen.. He had no choice, even he did not see Jane again.. He destroyed the bridge to the other realms. Which Loki fell into with it..

Odin saved Thor from falling to nowhere and Asgard is safe and sound.. Thor never went back to earth for the meantime but felt inlove with Jane.. Yihee..

The end but wait…

Loki is still alive and has something to share in Earth. Nick Fury agrees to see what to do with it and Dr Skaasgard, agrees to see the potential.. Hmmmmm

Avengers? =)

Definitely, after that movie, let’s play DOTA and use Mjolnir right away! Or how about, how good will be the Avengers? Hawkeye is not bad.. Hmmmm

Captain America? Let’s wait in July..

After the long story, or recap, after I left the theater.. I crave for more!!!

The backdrop of this film, it’s just yes it should have a sequel or sort of.. But unlike in Iron Man that even you know it should have a sequel but I felt satisfied already without expecting another one.. Unfortunately they did release another one and quite crap. hehe

For this one, it’s like a long intro for the Thunder God and they just squeeze more action, or how bout the power of Thor and fighting sequences as well. So, it’s a letdown really.. I wanted more, the chicks well, they realy wanted more of Thor, without the costume. hehe

As I watched the review, I could have agreed more.. It’s a better representation, if you want, to Masters of Universe. hehe

Or great movie to start the summer movies..

With great effects like the first fighting sequences and the guardian sequences as well, wow.. Quite great..

The action sequences, like Thor raided the compound and disposed the guards, that’s a great one indeed. Except hawkeye showed up. hehe

I love the Asgard sequences, even I know we paid for 3D, I think it doesn’t need 3D but it looks good. Damn good..

The customers and set pieces in Asgard, great!!! Even Loki customes which is not like in the old Thor comics. hehe

The direction, from Kenneth Branagh, wow, it’s like shakespeare all over again. hehe From the pacing, and editing, he done well.. The film is indeed perfect for this shakespeare scholar. =)

Of course, acting!!!! Nah, Natalie Portman is a let down in this movie, not due to poor acting, but the character itself. However, it’s acted by one of my fave chicks, Natalie so I don’t care, she’s great here! hehe

Kat is well, great chick some comic relief. Husband of Maggie is good as well, perfect as the intelligent doc who also somewhat told what happened to Bruce Banner. hehe

The Xena, Robin Hood and Jackie Chan friends of Thor, great! We were laughing at that line said by the agent. hehe Loki great as well, not well known but as you know for british dudes, deliver great performances.. As for Odin, it is good for Anthony but I hope they find a stronger old dude. Ironic isn’t it, but I mean an old yet firm dude who looks really strong.. But I give a good rating for Anthony..

Thor? Damn, not ony british delivers but also aussies as well.. This is indeed bloody ironic, my customer are aussies! hehe

Like the sucker punch chick, she’s well, Australian..

They are not only confide with Hugh, Cate or even INXS and Kylie, they are producing other promising actors and actresses these days.. Of course, don’t forget great Heath!

Raims had a crush, and me? Damn, I think I want to have that buff.. But how will be like that?! =)

Definitely, one of the great comic adaptations in the present and Marvel is getting serious about it except for few mishaps.. However, I am looking forward for their next offerings, and next one, namely..

The dude with a big shield, that shows with star and stripes?

A real american hero, GI Joe! Sorry…

The dude who is proud to be a Captain..

I am waiting for Mystique as well, sorry, the first class!


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