When the Levee Breaks

Led Zeppelin, damn.. I bought their remasters album since HS, just being curious.. Ah yes, I saw one of their music videos before at Myx (not the present myx, the first days of Myx which managed by great Toti Dalmacion) I saw this video, and I was blown away by the performance of this manic band, from the voice, the band techniques and yes, the Jimmy Page violin part guitar session.. So I searched and yes, it was Led Zep.. The strong bass from John Paul Jones, then the great rock drummer, John Bonham.. Of course, the legendary guitarist, extraordinaire Jimmy Page and yes, the real rock vocal god, Robert Plant.. You have one of the best rock group that ever existed.. Geez.. However, of course, they are just my fourth fave band, maybe because they are just too much rock and well, did not have any other mode they have done.. Pure holistic, perfect rock and roll band.. Rock Gods, but yes, for me, they are not my real idols.. As compare to my favorite band. =)

However, well, they are still one of my favorite bands.. =)

Well, I’ll search for their reunion concert and yes, I won’t really detail their legendary history.. It’s just sad they disbanded due to the death of Bonham but that’s ok as a sign of how close they are each other.. It’s like we won’t be Led Zep without him.. Which is, they are correct..

Of course, because of them.. Simply many bands or almost all the rock bands are influenced by them, from the very dark and well, hard core bands, to the lighter and alternative bands.. I won’t be surprised that in their list, this is their influence. =)

Ah yes, why this is number 5?

Because of the sucker punch trailer, my ears got mesmerized with the opening song.. The intro and drums and guitar rhythm, riffs, wow I first thought it’s a new alternative song.. Fool me, it was a Led Zeppelin circa 1971.. What the heck, can you believe that was wayback 1971.. This song can well match the songs today, just the instrumental part of it, damn!!! That’s simply fantastic rhythm and simple drums even I can say without the powerful vocals of Robert, that’s enough for me. =)

Actually, I thought I can get the lyrics here but oh well, copyright protection but anyway, I don’t care. hehe

Anyway, yes they have great songs but some of them are quite dragging and not balanced, like Black Dog or Trample underfoot.. Too long and sometimes I fall asleep for it.. But this one, has slow then it will rise off then slow again.. It has great balance of the vocals then the riffs, that’s simply great. Then the ongoing rock melody which you want to keep listening over and over again..

That’s why I put this at my fave songs from them even I just discovered it last month, thanks to Sucker Punch.. hehehe

I was quite surprised, it was not really used in the movie. Better, I think it’s just better used it in the trailer, just the right song for that kind of mood. Not in the movie itself. =(

I don’t care even about the levee.


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