This month will be simpler and well, I might say boring. hehe I don’t know what to expect because it’s a new quarter, for April a new month.

At least 10 blogs alam ko na ilalagay ko and it’s all bout music siguro. About great bands.

Other than that, wala pa ko naiisip.. hehe

This month simply well, holistic and I can say quiet…

Sana ok na stats ko for the team lalo na bago na at yes, may warning, naku, kailangan na pumasa para umabot pa ko dito sa FS. =)

I’m now finishing my downloading task which really overdue, lalo na sa mga nagpa order pa, kaya kailangan tapusin na para wala na gulo. Besides, mukhang ayos na yun burning programs ko. At iba na gagamitin ko. hehe

Basta siguro, wala naman surprising this month, just do what I need to do and needs to be done..

It will be a long month but I can sense it won’t be tiring.. Bago yun ha. Di tiring? =)

Ah yes, well, persistance did not work, and yeah.. Hmmmm destiny did not allow it I guess..

But nah, I’ll move on..

Move at the republiq of FS on Friday!!!! =)


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