What if television really controls you?

It’s hard to answer that question, especially which is in normal sense that if you’re addicted of watching TV then yes, you’ll rely so much to it..

downloadThat’s why I don’t really watch TV these days, and of course, with crappy programming. hehe

However, this is not the notion at a film I watched, since last year.. A very interesting flick.. It goes beyond addiction.. As it’s important premise.

Max Renn is an owner of a cable TV channel which features, obscene or soft porn flicks.. Then as he trying to get some new programming for his channel, something interesting came through his eyes.. A channel that shows extreme violence, hardcore sex and well, torture.. He wants to put these scenes to his channel..

Unfortunately, the signal is not really clear where is coming from.. While searching for that signal, he is dating Nicki Brand, a famous DJ, of course with a lovely voice, a love doctor sort of.. And she has a dark secret as well, she love pain very much. Geez..

Anyhow, they were guest by the way in a show which they met and it’s about violence in the media and they dated and at one part, yes, the show asked a question of Videodrome.. The talk show guested one of the makers which is Dr. Oblivion which only shows in a TV set, not in person.

And yes, Max Renn, was getting some weird feeling when he is watching videodrome.. He also got the signal, I mean where is coming from. And it’s coming from Pittsburgh.

Max is getting some weird hallucinations and cannot anymore distinguish which is real or not.. At some point, he doesn’t know himself. Nicki’s case was different, when she saw Videodrome, she wants to participate to it because of the nature and loves it.. Even Max wants to stop it but well, Nicki went through.

Max went to Pittsburgh and found out the place where he is getting the signal. And it’s in a optical shop.. He discovered that this is a secret government project to enhance soldier’s fighting performance and well, it did not work. He was a subject to it and became more addicted. However, he went to Dr. Oblivion to find some answers, and he did see Dr. Oblivion’s only daughter, to find out, Dr. Oblivion is dead and one of the Videodrome makers..

As he was now a subject of Videodrome, he was commanded to kill Oblivion and spread this potent power, which well, he was stopped by the daughter.. By the way, Nicki, was dead and she was indeed a participate in the Videodrome, got tortured to death.

Since the daughter was able to program Max to stop the power and destroy the source, Max because outrageous and killed his programmer, he found out that his programmer was involved and the head of this program, then at the end.. He thought of having this old flesh of videodrome to die and bring out the new flesh from out..

Long live the new flesh!

Max dies.

To tell you honestly, I did not get the plot at first. hehe

I got this film through of course, film blogs and list of controversial films which indeed, controversial..

First of all, the film is directed by one of the best, which David Croenberg, who did Scanners and recently, one of my favorites, History of Violence. Or how about the Fly? hehe

Yes, this was an old film and nice looking trailer as well! hehe It starred James Wood, as Max Renn and yes, I hope she will be casting again, Deborah Harry from Blondie as the hot Nicki Brand!!! Damn!!!

Others, I’m not sure if there are famouse but did a good job of acting. =) Or how about the Canada’s former Minister of Ontario provincial government appeared, as well, Japanese Porn Dealer. hehe

Second, this went controversial due to the special effects used which is damn good and grotesque! Mutilations, exploding organs, pure horror and how about the breathing TV? Geez.. Third, yes, the subject itself, I mean at that time, definitely it will be panned because very confusing and cannot determine what the heck is happening!!! hehe Then yeah, for multiple screening, you will understand to it.

I love the scenes as well, especially the transformation sequences, very contemporary and can match these sci fi movies at present.

There are few setbacks, one damn very short. With all happening and thrills at the same time, it’s only 93 minutes or 96 tops, but well, I want more! hehe Yes, the plot is confusing and yes, some explicit scenes, just too much.. Hmmm example, the shooting of the boss, that’s too much for one bullet in the head! hahaha

But indeed, this film is over the top and I liked the film due to it’s message that media or TV really affect our lives especially if it went out of control or used for not really good purposes.. Scary though.. Very symbolistic film.

Simple but indeed possible.. And the effects are great, they don’t look cheap and acting is great as well, especially, this is my fave James Woods film! hehe

I know he is a good actor, supporting as well, but when I watched this film, damn, he is cool and simply brought the film in his acting prowess..

The only question is I hope, this film has a sequel, or how about prequel.. Many questions to be answered after I watched it. Like why they make this project, and what really happened behind it? What did happen to Max, which I thought, where is the new flesh or maybe he is still alive..

I heard some news that it will be remake, which I think doesn’t need one.. But I just hope, if there is remake or sequel or prequel about this film, it should be under David.. Damn provocative and shocking indeed.. At least after watching it, you can eat lunch or dinner or simple meal. hehe

Long live the new flesh!!!


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