unplanned 22

Whew, ang haba naman nun mga past posts ko. =)

Yes, nagiisip na lang ako kung ano pa masusulat ko for the remaining days in March.

Anyway, it was difficult this month, all around me, was well, not going as I planned. Pero yun pahinga ko for 3 days, I can say ok naman, more on intellectual and yes, need a break. Kahit kulang sa tulog pero di naman pagod.. May isang VL pa ko this March. hehe

Of course, it’s almost the second quarter so I need to be prepared.

I was unprepared for Sucker punch and better yet, not that happy. hehe

Wala na ko masabi for now, kasi sa sobrang dami ko iniisip o dapat gawin, gusto ko sana ng mahaba ang pahinga but oh well, di ko pwede gawin yun especially this year.. The only rest I can get I guess is this, surfing the net or even well, watch TV.. To ease the pressure and think, and I hope do right.. =)

As I surf the net, minsan nakakalimutan ko yun mga dapat ko gawin, pero for now, mukhang matatapos na like check some reports and plans to really solve problems, money perhaps. I missed surfing kasi for the longest time, to check info and blogs na din..

Pero ang di ko pa talaga magawa eh yun watching my movies with my dependable dvd player. hehe I tested na at 80% of the movies I got, can be played.. Great. =)

I hope na this following quarters will be productive, from work, to shop and in my life, sana may marating naman di ba.. It’s nice to finish what you started.. It will be a long and hard work, pero as long I followed and stick to it, believe some luck and prayers, it will end in a nice way.

Summer? Ah, I saw her.. Este, summer pala, wala naman plans eh. Eh is Sir Rheg, mukhang di na tuloy ang summer trips so malamang ako, spend time with work and shop.. Preparing for more challenges.. =)

At yes, kailangan mabalik na ang broken lines.. Grabe ang huli eh nun October pa! Malas ata yun 13 talaga. hehe

Ano pa, dami ko pa aayusin pero di naman tedious unlike before, pero siyempre I know, it won’t end..

March was fulfilling, full of hope, but less happiness but it was better.. Better than January but better pa din yun Feb. hehe

As I reach of getting old, yes even it will happen pa next 3 months, I want to be mature in facing these challenges. Maybe I’m selfish to face it all by myself but let’s face it, in times of these adversities.. The only one who can really help is indeed.. You.. With the help of course from Him, up there..

For sure, I feel it won’t be easy sa mga susunod na panahon pero siyempre, kailangan matatag sa mga ganito..

Nakalimutan ko pala, naku di ko pa nababasa yun mga books na binigay sa kin or even yun mga binili ko. Grabe eh..

Saka ang init, summer na nga.. Pero tamang init, meaning can handle itunlike past years na parang nasa desert ka at parang di na matatapos yun init.. At least ngayon, masarap pa din sa gabi. =)

Yes, start na ng bagong team, Monday at sana kahit di kasing saya nun last time, basta magaling ok lang sa kin yun.. Same great TL pa din ako eh. hehe Sige, aaminin ko, ok lang matalo na kami sa extra curricular sa team eh kinalat na kami eh.. Hahaha

What I did 12 days ago? Hmmmm wala, I just remembered.

Remember that person.


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