Sucker Punch

After a mad and whirling day, and watched this movie, I was bit more confused. hehe I got sucked I guess..

Well, let’s start getting sucked!!!!!

sucker-punch-movie-poster-01Baby Doll, a girl that lost her mom, and left to her is her sis and stepdad.

Speaking of stepdad, he read the last will of the deceased wife and all the fortune will be left to her daughters, meaning no fortune for the stepdad.. Dad got crazy and tries to rape or kill the 2 helpless girls..

And Baby Doll was the first target and luckily she escaped, but not that lucky as the wicked stepdad went to her sister’s room.. She got the gun and tried to blast the step dad but unfortunately, it missed and cost her sister’s dear life..

Police caught her and stepdad thought to bring Baby Doll into the mental asylum or mental hospital. He wants the girl to be lobotomized.. Geez..

So the helpless Baby Doll was brought and waiting to be executed.. While in the process, of course, the thoughts are now in a brothel which is headed by the warden/pimp and Madam Gorski if I heard it right, the psych doctor in the institution because well, headmaster of the girls.

As she was assigned to be a dancer of the brothel, or club, well, at first she doesn’t know how to dance but as she close her eyes, she transports to a different scene.. Like escaping her reality.. From a temple fighting samurai monsters, to a nazi war torn country killing soldier zombies, to a dungeon with a sleeping dragon and lastly, to stop a train with a ticking time bomb.. All of those events, transpires her to get the 5 items she need to get out the institution/brothel..

In the course of those events, well, she got all the items except for one, which the guide did not tell her.. Oh yes, she met 4 other ladies with her journey and wants to escape as well..

As they are reduced one by one and in the end the plan was exposed, Baby Doll and Sweet Pea still got escaped, but Baby Doll choose to be left and let Sweet Pea go.. Realizing the last item was sacrifice.. Ah the rest of the girls are Blondie, Rocket and Amber, but well dead.. Sweet Pea got escaped and poor Baby Doll, got lobotomized.. She was saved though, but it was late..

Sweet Pea got escaped and rode to a bus with the guide himself, the guide in their alternate reality.

The end..

Well, I just watched review for this movie, and I agreed for 50% of it.. the other 50% goes for some good traits of the movie which they did not discussed much.. I agreed 50% for the bashing of this movie! hehe

Yes, let’s go for the bad news first..

Yes, first one to go is the plot.. I went out of the movie, dazed.. Dazed because why he wrote that kind of story.. Crap.. Trying to be art house subject but it did not work.. 50’s style with modern scenes, which I think, those Girls won’t think at those times.. Especially I don’t think Baby Doll thought of fighting in that dress in her 50’s time.. hehe Or thinking of fighting those robots in her time.. She is way too ahead I guess. I can’t help even as a simple plot or way of thinking, I don’t think she will be fighting that way in her alternate or daydream reality.. I can’t.. Even in her dreams.. Simply, it did not mix.

Well, the other problem is since it has a bad storyline, of course you will know already it doesn’t make sense at all especially at the end.. If that’s the basic plot, they shouldn’t complicate it with those scenes like well, the brothel. I thought at first, it is institution/brothel but yes, it is only a mental institution it’s just Baby Doll thought it is also a brothel. What the heck.. hehe

I agree with spill dudes that it doesn’t really empower women.. I thought with the trailer it will empower women but when you watch it, it’s just did not help.

It won’t actually.

Since it’s 50’s, I think if they want to be modern thinking, the better way I believe is to have the basic plot, modern as well. Like 90’s or better yet today.. Since kids today or even 90’s already thought of anime, video games or sci fi.. In the 50’s, I don’t think the chicks will think ahead with those themes because nobody knows yet at that time. Or even robots… I’ll believe they thought of robots if the chicks already watched metropolis in the 50’s. hehe

The pacing of the film also got affected with the bad storyline and plot.. Although it has good parts of it but the basic plot is too long and it got long due to the alternate sequences. If you cut those alternate sequences, the basic plot will only take, at least 1 hour. Or that’s the longest. hehe And yes, even the swicthing of the lead actress, Baby Doll got all the beating and hard work then the reward of getting free was given not her but the irritated Sweet Pea. Good job for the twist.. hehe

Yes, another bad job, I think, Zack should just focused doing R rated films, I can’t believe, this is PG 13 and did not fit for him. I did affect that especially in the action scenes.. It’s not Zack with a blood less action scenes. hehe

That shows well, some directors are good in directing, but not good in making or telling stories of their own.. And unfortunately, Zack is one of them. However, not all great directors are good storywriters, it just if they knew, it won’t work, they will stick at what they are good at.. And I hope Zack will realize that.. And yes, we hope that Superman won’t be like this crap. hehe

And yes, it sucked.. Oh well, great thing, there are good things of this movie. I forgot, yes, of all the OST or music used for this movie, also got bad. Geez, more minus points. hehe

Ok, don’t worry, save the good or best for last. The good things made this movie not a waste of money. Great idea but it did not execute well..

But there are good things, one is even it’s 50’s, the setting is great, costumes and the feel of the 50’s at least great. He already did that in Watchmen but it’s good. Photography and clarity of the whole movie, great, even I did not watch it in 3D which I am grateful did not watch it in 3D, hehe.. I can say, great as well.. Clear and crisp photography, especially in the alternate sequences..

Actors, good, and yes even Vanessa Hudgens improved. Carla Cugino is always like that, whatever role given to her even with a bad russian accent, I can say she is good there. The other chicks are great, especially Baby Doll, aussie Emily Browning and Sweet Pea, aussie again, Abbie Cornish which I wonder, I should watch Limitless. hehe Then Jamie and of course, Jena Malone which from Donnie Darko days to this one, she still look young. hehe They bashed Scott Glenn but I like his role, wiseman indeed, and one more thing, nah. hehe

The pimp dude, great as well, as the pimp, not as the warden but well, give him a clap.. All of those actors done great it’s just yes, I got sigh when I realize they were part of a bad script and story.. =(

Editing was great, cutting in and out and how the sequences work, and lastly, the great parts and of course, got what you paid for..

The alternate sequences.. It’s a geek dream or anime or video gamers dream.. Damn they are great..

I tend to disagree that those were copied, it’s just the ideas of putting those elements in the screen are great. I like the temple scene which so anime like, especially how Baby Doll killed the last samurai monster.. Nostalgic. =)

The second alternate sequence is my fave!! =)

And yes, I can’t imagine how Zack pull this off. He can be a good war movie director. hehe It’s like castle wolfenstein, great sequence from the Mecha to killing the nazi zombie bastards with no blood. Geez.. hehe

I like from the setting itself then, the action scene, the guns and of course, the falling zeppelin, damn, wow.. That is so action packed, fast paced as well. =)

Then the dungeon sequence, which is anime style as well, slash adventure game as well.. Well, the least like but I liked it due to the dragon flying out and how Baby Doll pinned it. hehe

Of course, the last one, the train bomb which it has dramatic parts but I liked how it was made like the robots, slow motion capture, I feel sorry for Rocket, not she died but how she was punched. hehe Then slice and dice and the setting was great..

Those 4 scenes, oh well, yes, the cost of the movie ticket. hehe If this will come out in DVD, I think I’ll use the forward button to go to these scenes.. That’s it.. Other than that, I think if you pull out those scenes, it’s a bad movie, or just go straight to DVD, or TV Movie instead. hehe

I wonder, what was Baby Doll dancing that made her audience in awe? I hope in the director’s cut, at least show what she was dancing, for once. =)

Maybe it’s in the tune of when the levee breaks or panic switch.. By the way, great songs used for the trailer.. =)

It still sucked. Prepared to be sucked.

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