As I race against time, always!!! I log in at 5:29am avaya time for my very early 5:30am shift, I tell to myself, I hope this will be over.. Indeed over..

Frankly speaking, those worse wake up days are nearing end.. I am happy that the 1 hour earlier time will be over.. Geez, I know going home early at 2:30am is good but with all the jobs or work I do, I felt, I am more productive and efficient when my work starts well, later time. An hour later.. Besides, waking up at 3:30am really needs more energy that I thought it will be easier.. Geez. In the end, I spent more money and time when this early sked kicks in..

Looking back those days, it was hard to figure out how to go to work at that pace. I was happy at first but as those 6 months passing by, geez, I am more comfortable with the late shift.. Even yes, going home at 1 hour later was hard, like traffic and stuff but with my schedule at the shop, it will be wiser to finish late, go at the shop for some work and go home, done. Then go up late at the next day!

It’s better than same routine but next day, you will need to wake up again so early.. Crap.. hehe

Even though I had many things to do at the early shift, I tend to forget other things to do because my thinking is like, yeah I can do that later but at the end, I forgot to do it! Geez.. It happens most of the time. Some of them, I paid it dearly.. =(

Well, I guess, it is better to say that I am more comfortable as DST ends.. It is favorable for those who live in far places, for example, far south Cavite or LP. Or far north, like Fairview QC or QC itself, or Rizal. Well for me, I have one ride from home to work. hehe

Even lunch! Come on, I hate if my lunch starts at 9:30 am! Then I’ll go home hungry again because I finished my shift at 5:30am.. It is expensive!!! and it was! Yehey.. hehe

As April approaches, I am looking forward to have this better schedule for me, it will improve not only my way of everyday life but also maybe how things will go for these next 6 months..

I am eager to really use that advantage and well, yes, I don’t need to wake up that bad morning time. =)


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