Reaching my 28 years of existence.. Yes, belonging to a simple family..

As I sat in a white couch, listening to the usual talk from my dad. Usual talk includes, siyempre advices, sabon and reminders.. I tell to myself, yes I can do those but di naman lahat. hehe But thanks to him, especially in these past years.. I am very grateful to have him as my Dad, even I know malayo pa at marami pa ko kakainin bigas just to make him proud of me.. But I won’t give up, and I’ll take his advices hopefully this year, magawa ko naman kahit ilan dun. hehe I hope he’ll recover sa condition niya and long life..

Looking at her reading the results of lottery which I thought, sana manalo na para di na taya ng taya. =) I think she enjoys it, and well, telling me na sana ganun tinaya number and that.. Of course, di naman mawawala ang sinasabi niya na medyo malungkot. I don’t want to dwell on that.. =( However, a Mom like her that I am proud of, on how to take care of us, making sure we are safe even matanda na kami.. Or how about chores? Siya naman nagturo sa min.. Thoughtful as well, and yes, the best magluto.. No joke! Ask my friends.. Naku lalo na yun salad niya, may pending pa ata.. I hope well, long life ahead of her..

Then of course, I am now sleeping in his room full of anime stuff, and vinyl which are endangered to be eaten by pest.. And yes, the room has a TV but no fan.. Pero sobrang lamig naman sa gabi.. hehe It was my first room before pero ayun I ended up there again. He is with dad and well, I tried to help him or us but ayun, he needs to really think what’s best for him and simply work hard.. Lalo na ngayon, may family na siya.. Ah, I owe him my likeness in movies and japanese culture. hehe And yes, chores and odd jobs, he’s the one you can trust..

I went to her place last week, and yes di ko pa din nakikita yun bagong house niya. hehe I am glad na kung kailan tumanda ako naging close ako sa kanya.. Before nah, siyempre kasi nahihiya ako sa kanya.. Lalo na nung HS and college.. But at the passage of time, ayun nagiging malapit ako sa kanya, at lalo na siyempre may utang pa ko sa kanya. haha But other than that, yun support, she filled it.. I think she inherited yun mainitin ang ulo, like dad.. hehe Peace Ate! However, for now I can say she is a loving wife and good Mom to her kids, my nieces pala.. A die hard Rick Ashley fan, and Sharon ata.. hehe But because of her saka si Kuya Dong, yun musical love ko, almost sa kanila galing.. Love it! Advices that she tells me at yes, yun mga gifts ko sa special friends, sa kanya galing. hehe Thanks Ate.. Well, I hope I could visit her new house sometime.. Kaso ang hirap naman pumunta sa LP ngayon. Lintik kasi, ngayon lang magkaka Maynilad sa kanila. hehe

Ah yes, one of the prominent alumni ng LSQC.. How prominent, eh nung GS hanggang HS na teacher, kilala siya. hehe I still remember, sinusundo pa ko sa LSQC using the blue wagon.. Which I know pinachop chop na ni Dad.. hehe Siya naman si Kuya, eh really I can tell right of the bat, di kami close noon.. Even he’s the one before me.. Kaso due to what happened to him before until this 2000 ayun medyo nahirapan siya. Pero bilib ako sa kanya, kasi even he was not able to finish schooling in college, may shop siya ng cellphone na malaki.. At kung sipag at tiyaga, siya na yun primary example.. =) I still remember, he used to work at dunkin donuts sa Muñoz, eh taga dala ako ng baon. hehe Then, ayun buy and sell ng kotse hanggang now, well, may stable na siyang shop… We became close when dito na sa D.Tuazon sila nakatira.. With his loving family na laging nasa tabi niya.. =) Kakainggit nga eh..

Kahit nawala sa kanya si Prong, he still became strong and overcome it and now, moving on happily with Ate Jen and Jeleane.. =) I just wish for him more success and better health.. I think he needs a stronger knee. hehe Tol salamat sa lahat.. At kahit minsan nagkukulang ako, pasensya na…

Yes, he is just smiling around, in my bed.. My special brother, after that unfortunate incident last year, now.. I can’t believe he is sleeping in my room. hehe Smiling and calm.. =) A person who needs not only love but also longest patience and strong understanding.. Kahit lagi niya sinasabi yun hate niyang artista and gusto niyang superhero.. Oo lang ako ng oo.. hehe I am relieved na yes, he likes living at our side.. At least, I am getting close to him at take off pressure from Dad. I love him and I’ll do my best to make him a better man even at his state.. =)

As you see, in this family.. I’m a witness..

I’m a listener..

I’m a messenger..

I’m a mechanic who fixes some problems within us.. Even sometimes, I have the wrong tools. hehe

I’m a bridge who connects the broken sides and roads.. Pero baka maputol in some time, which I don’t know when..

Pero kahit I’m tired or bored or worse, fed up with it. I never lose hope or love to this family.. Because I think that’s my purpose in this life, to make this together.. I still love them and because of them, it made me a better person, even in a wrong way.. Maybe because they show naman they love me and trust..

Kahit sometimes, they show none of those. But ok lang.. hehe Even we went downwards, well, we are doing our best to go up again with our own efforts.. For me, geez.. I’m doing everything to make it but I think we need everyone’s effort. =)

Well, for now, even I think in the future that I may end up single because of the task at hand and as I get older, maybe I just do what I need to do for this family.. I always ask Him, continue to guide us and make Him the center of our life, to be strong to face adversities and continue to love each member of this family..

I almost lost hope before but I don’t know what made me believe again for this family..

Maybe because of the memories I had, the events and yes, simply the pictures in those albums..

I can’t believe, we were so happy together back then..

I just hope now, I’ll see another recent picture of us together..

In one happy family picture.. =)


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