1 at 24/7

I wore the only free Jacket I got from this call center career yesterday and yes, I can’t believe, I am now 1 year in this company! =)

Of course, at first it was not easy, as you check my previous posts.. Damn, I never thought I’ll reach this long. hehe Nevertheless, now, yes I’m struggling with my stats especially that career threatning VOC, I can say oh well.. 1 year kinda worth it.

Friday was the time of this 1 year journey, and yes in our batch, we are 6 but might go down to 5, it depends to some of them might leave. Don’t ask me who will be but definitely not me.. Yet. =)

It was fast, I mean, I thought 1 year in the dayshift sked will be slow than the usual vampire shift! I was wrong…. It is more fast paced and quite lively. Even well most of the time, quite boring but needs to do the job right. I still remember my first month, geez, I’m getting high AHT, then very not helpful stats, and I feel like, damn, after a year of hiatus of work, it did show some rust..

But as the months goes by, I showed what I can do and it did help the team, except for these past months. hehe I can say, maybe these past months, with all the things I do everyday, I’m in a funk.. =( Tired, pressured and sometimes depressed, but not that depressed..

Good thing at this time, or my stay with the team, of course, I only had one TL, and same team mates until now.. Geez I thought unlike in my Dell or my past call centers, I’m changing teams every quarter! hehe But this time, at least, I’m with the team for a year.. Quite changing I guess. Curious.

But I should thank this company, at least I have an extra income which helped me to pay junk of my obligations, and get my other things back in the fastest way.. I was able to help my parents as well, due to medicard. hehe

I can say, we had so many eat outs or team buildings, very engaging in terms of how to put or at least know each other better. Even I’m not that close to each of my team mates, but when I’m there at work, it is fun with them.. Working, doing our best to reach the stats and outlasting other teams, it is a team effort.. It did show last quarter or the 3rd quarter that we get our top prize for the best VOC team of the quarter.. We are going to celebrate that on Saturday! hehe

We had some ups and downs, but I know we will emerge in those difficulties.. Especially in this quarter. Damn. hehe

As for the company, I can say, oh well, even yes, they are paying more, but in other aspects, quite poor. I have many examples! But it will take 2 parts to tell them all.. And nah, they are in my friend’s list. hehe

One of it is the jacket. Geez. Instead of the usual, wine and ham, or ham, or xmas basket.. We got a jacket.. And of course, I fitted the one I like, it ends up when I got the jacket, it was tight for me. hehe How about our team funds.. I can say, my TL sometimes shoulders the team buildings we do! Unlike in other centres which the department has funds for each team at least for these events, unfortunately.. They don’t give it, regularly I guess. But that’s why I like my TL, very generous for the team… =)

I know my TL is quite not close to me unlike my previous TL’s but she gets the job done. More than that.. Thanks to her, I’m still here.. =)

How about SME’s, Mitch and DP.. Great mentors that you will never have in other teams. hehe But yes, with their guidance and help, well, I was able to survive those grueling quarters.. Except for this quarter which I know everybody in our team is struggling. =( It is not their fault. However, there are still there to guide and help us.. Thanks guys. =)

The team, Mhon a.k.a Gary V., George Estregan Jr, and now Machete! hehe Great dude! Faye, great chick with hmmm good singing voice.. =) The platinum VOCer, Sassy.. The vets, Mommy Ness, Ann, friendly Sheila and the realtime analyst Chelo… hehe Almost vets, Cy, Marie, Airene, Kissen.. Rookie Jerome.. and of course, I doesn’t mean I forget the other teams! Thanks to them as well! Other TL’s, Garsh, Faye, Tam, AJ and Mars.. Naks.. Thanks for guidance, aux 1’s and waiving the lpf’s! hehe

The other teams as well. Thanks for the camaraderie.. And for being my customers as well! hehe Yes, because of them, I have extra income, extra money to invest to my little shop and extending my market! hehe

Do I have some problems with 24/7? Greatly, not HR or their TP (the so called timeclock and performance keeper crap. =).. Well, what I can advice are just 2 things.. Invest in one building only for all of us and yes, equipment as well.. Workstations, facilities, please.. They are important too, especially in coping the client’s needs. That’s all. hehe

To sum it up! Yes, Dell still the best but for the second place, it’s 24/7.. =)

Will I go for 2? Let’s see at 04/02/2012.

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