I thought Reality Bites OST was the only movie soundtrack I’ll love. hehe Thoughts are wrong. Well, my ears are wrong I guess. But anyway, as I watch movies or just streaming them, I found some notable soundtracks!

Besides Reality Bites, of course, there is I Know What You Did Last Summer! Pop flick yet the OST is quite alternative, great fit for the dark slasher movie. Just the first movie. hehe

Then, there is hmmmm High Fidelity, full american cast directed by a british dude named Stephen Frears which directed later, The Queen. Great movie about listing the exes yet falling in love.. Accompany with a good mixture of songs from Velvet Underground, Jack Black, and yes, Stevie Wonder. Especially the last song! Damn, very lovely!

British movies, some of them crap yet most of them have good OST. From of course, 24 hour party people, to Control, or Edgar Wright movies, Shaun and Hot Fuzz, Trainspotting! Then others, well, too many to mention lad.. But it is, as long it’s british, expect great OST..

Then how about Brazil, which I haven’t finished it. hehe But the sequences itself have interesting music, and of course, don’t forget the theme music.. Great. Blade Runner, futuristic and orchestratic. =) Scarface, since it’s 80’s, then the sounds should be in the 80’s! Even well, the story about the great fictional mobster. 80’s sounds has influenced many movies, brat pack movies, to Romy and Michelle HS reunion and wedding singer! hehe Too many to mention as well..

Comedies, well, I already mentioned upfront some of them. Let’s add, 50 first dates, Walk Hard! hehe

Stanley Kubrick movies! Notably, Clockwork Orange and 2001: Space Odyssey.. Actually if you really watch his films, I think he also sets the music fits for the scene. Damn, he is so great of directing a film, indeed a perfectionist.

Action flicks, well, not all of them has good OST, unless hmmm James Bond films? hehe Ah, of course, Kick Ass! and Scott Pilgrim if you consider that a whole action flick. Ah I forgot, the Matrix! Except for the last one.

Horror? Hmmm not many.. Maybe the musical scores are scary, like Jaws but songs, I don’t think so. hehe

Love.. Love and love and some drama.. Love movies, it has I think the most number of good OST. Well, Reality Bites and High fidelity are good already.. Then, there is Somewhere in Time, which yes, it has only one musical score but oh dear, I cried. Especially at the last scene. =)

Well, there are many but 3 OST’s I liked recently, from love flicks.. First, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I know the only notable song there is from Beck but come on, the scores there are great, quite clever and especially the “Row” track which it really puts a smile in my face when I see that scene with the track.. =) 500 days of summer, I can’t believe that all the songs there are happy and upbeat.. Even the ending is really bittersweet, but yeah, almost all the songs there are upbeat and happy.. I still feel sorry for Tom.. I think we are quite the same.. hehe And Summer, let’s see, if the one I thought resembles here will like the movie. Let her watch it..

And lastly, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World! Some of them written by Beck which are awesome! Then some of the songs, really fit the scene or how about the end song? Sweet and nostalgic. hehe Black sheep as well, damn great song from Scott’s ex, I thought at first since I am not really updated with the music, it’s from Metric. How dumbfounded I am. hehe But anyway, that OST is awesome..

Tron Legacy as well, no songs really but great musical score from Daft Punk!

And many OST I think I missed, and a movie I think best enjoy or you can say good as long it has great musical score that really entice you to keep watching and best of all.. Songs that will let you remember the film, even those bad films. hehe

Unfortunately, I don’t have an example of a bad film with a good OST.. Hmmmmmm, I’ll think about it first. Maybe Purple Rain? =)


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