Unending Grace

Going back to the place that gave me the sense of direction through my life.. After HS days, I did not think of having a fun school or a happy college life..

That changed when I stepped in at University Santo Tomas, circa 2000. Ironically, I applied for BS Computer Science and well, I failed my second choice then I ended up at BS Commerce, Major in Business Administration. Geez long title of College Course. hehe

Well, being at college was at my best in terms of having fun in school and same time, thought of what I can be after it. I know, I have many things to learn or do after those days but great thing, at least it gave me a clue what to do..

And yes, a career at first I did not like, but in the end, well, better I have this career.. Then go for the one I like..

Career wise yes.. The environment is another thing. With good place, not so big campus but just the right one..

Ala naman may UST ikot pa dun. hehe Pero tama naman, tama lang laki ng UST, kaso liliit na lang kasi sa tinatayong complex and buildings din.. Pero with that saying, I feel pa din na naging masaya naman ang environment dun, from the walkway, sa Dapitan, Navarra ang institusyon ng bilyar. hehe Asturias, Concepcion, at Almer’s na nagsara na… =(

Yun P. Noval din siyempre na minsan namamali ako ng sabi. P. Naval. Peste. hehe Morayta at ang dalawang lugar na spesyal.. Tapsi at Footlungan. este, Lovelite na asenso na. hehe

Of course, sa loob na UST, marami din nakakamiss.. From P.Noval gate, 2 gate sa España at siyempre sa likod, Dapitan.. Commerce building of course na may kahating AB. hehe

Ang football na last Friday, grabe ang tao, napuno ang Field, first time ko napuno ang field na yun. hehe Yun gym siyempre, plaza Calderon. And everything in that campus.. Even the main building.

The 2 best classes in my school life, 2CPM and the best, 4BA1 2k4! hehe

Sayang nga lang, last Friday should be more special if everybody in those classes spent some time there. I mean even the mass is so long, and I was envy at those batches na sobrang dami pumunta sa kanila, taking pictures, kamustahan and camaraderie.. Like living those days na magkakasama kayo.. Quizzes, pest test, research, group projects, Class Corpo, Feasib.. Inuman, tambayan, ligawan. hehe At samahan!

Kaso ayun, 5 lang ah, 7 pala, late ko na nakita yun isa, hehe Then the other one nasa student center.. But anyway, sayang.. Mas sayang yun Thursday! With all the stars performed there and fireworks, sayang, masaya siguro yun.. Kaso, asleep syndrome ako. hehe

But anyway, kahit yun Mass lang pinunta namin, well, masaya naman kasi yun lahat ng Thomasian nagsasama to celebrate the once in a lifetime event. Jimar joking about reaching 450, I said, well, if we are still here. =)

500? not a chance! hehe

Of course, with a mass headed by a representative directly from Vatican, we are all blessed na to be part of this celebration. With all looking back to the insitution who not only gave or trained or mold into productive citizens but also.. Living in a catholic way. At least..

Nevertheless, as you see in the pictures, UST gave light to us through different ways.. From work or to yourself, lahat naman nag UST mapa nadebar or graduate, ibang experience yun nakaaral ka sa USTe..

Forget about the dinner which you will not able to set anyway, but yun sights and sounds, pwede na, and to captivate the night with those lights and smiling faces na makatapak ulit sa UST, ayun, sulit na…

Yun natirang 4, ayun nagchic-boy tapos, sa A venue. hehe Sulit!

Still, nun kinanta ang UST Hymn, simula at wakas lang ang alam. hehe

Pero sana yun pagiging thomasian ko or others, won’t end there.. It is unending mission for all us. From God and the teachings from UST, except for the commerce subjects. hehe But indeed, he gave us and UST..

Unending grace.

And I hope it will continue for the years to come, especially those who will enter UST and experience an education like no other.. Naks =)

Todo promote sa UST, well, wag lang siguro sa commerce! hehe

Ah hindi, siyempre, pasok kayo sa commerce ha, mas swerte kayo, madali lang ang sked niyo! hehe

Thanks to the Royal and Pontifical Catholic University of Santo Tomas! Parang kulang.. =)



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