realizations (part 19)

301. wah!!!! well, my computer is fixed!! Damn I missed this lovely thing. hehe

302. Sumusunod na pala ako sa mga na plan ko this year ha.. It’s just getting started.. =)

303. I hate the start of this year.. Just read the next post.

304. Damn I being left behind, not in terms of career, but in love, niyek! hehe

305. I already met the best women in my life. Women no? hehe Dami eh.. but 2 of them stands out. Clem and Summer.. Yes, they’re real, I mean not the whole film role but at least, medyo copy nila. hehe

306. I have many hurdles to jump, and obstacles to solve and I hope, most of them will end this year.

307. This year will be my defining point of my life. Need to choose the right ones and well, plan the right actions.

308. I really miss posting here.. Geez. =)

309. after watching “the social network”, Mark did one of the best programs in the planet which it did not really help him at all in the first place..

310. Ahhhh… I hope for the best for my small shop this year.. =) Win more customers or possible to make it big. If not, well, do other things, productive things.

311. what’s happening in my work, well, let’s see if I’ll be there until next quarter.. hehe

312. Damn, they laugh at me, when I’m telling them.. I do love movies, with all the movies I got. I did not watch them all.. I just love keeping them then at the right and free time, I am going to watch them!!

313. I am thinking of growing my hair, but oh well, those painstaking gel days makes me wonder, nah, I’ll pass it for now.

314. Even loveless at Feb, well, I hope it will be better than January.. hehe

315. After the mass last Friday, I realize, how happy and proud I am being Thomasian! =) I just sad, I was not able to go last Thursday, fell asleep syndrome. hehe

316. US from sugar hiccup, the song will best describe my past love.


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