Service Maintenance

Due to busyness and computer crashing and other unfortunate events, well, I was not able to keep up last month. However, for those who are reading, thanks! For those who are not. Well, then don’t.. =)

Sorry for not updating for sometime, it’s just made me crazy those past weeks or almost more than a month and still but at least..

I’m back at one of those I love to do.. You’re looking at.

It’s like Joel in Eternal Sunshine at the opening scenes, I can’t write something, I feel I haven’t write for years.. Some writer’s block I guess.. Damn..

Many happened for those weeks.. I was surprised Hubert is free. hehe Or how about every Friday on December, I always ended up sleeping at the wrong side of my bed.. Geez.. =) Anyway, important is, I’m happy this past year!

Wondering what happen for the past what?

1 and a half months…

I just got my computer back, even almost all other files, even my warcraft 3 is gone, well, the most important things are back.. For example, my wordpad.. hehe

Or my google chrome or how about Opera? Yes, Opera is better now, way better than firefox. =)

VLC player, my folders, I don’t know yet with my dvd burner but I’ll check on that later..

Trying to plan what to write.. I forgot what happened from last month.. It was all ruined due to workload and my duties in my shop and of course, holidays.. I never run out of work. =(

My plan of getting a new computer failed, damn, I don’t have the funds yet but definitely, it’s on my top of the list of the things I need for this new year!

I have many things to tell, and I hope I can still remember it. hehe

For now, what I can say.. I’ll still put those entries that should have done last month. Then the new ones will be somewhere over there, so just read and digest if you can. hehe

It’ll be a series of long stories.. =)


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