Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

After checking, or SM cinemas website or even cineplex in Gateway.. I forgot to check the eastwood cinemas but alas, no hope neither.. After checking and waiting for weeks, months!!! Alas, I can’t see or watch this movie, they even put social network first..

downloadI watched the trailer wayback then I was mesmerized, especially for Ramona Flowers.. Very lovely. hehe I thought it’s like eternal sunshine with all those snow stuff, love story but when the action kick in, arcade style, and great soundtrack, I know this will be kick ass. This will be awesome!
Of course, the Juno dude, Michael Cera, fit for the role I thought at that time.
Raims, told me that as I desperately waiting for this film, maybe I can just wait in and watch it first.. If they show it here, I may have watch it first becuase of what I do..
I did. hahahaha
I can’t just wait for how long months. It’s like what they did to zombieland!
The story goes as Scott Pilgrim, a bass player from a punk band called sex bob-omb, living in Toronto, Canada, dating a high schooler.
Of course, life is simple for him, playing cool in a band who wants to be famous or sign to a label then enjoying with Knives Chau, the high schooler, even he is not quite sure about his feelings but he’s getting the free ride.
Until, one girl changed it forever.. As he saw her at the library, everything stops in his end. He is like, stunned and getting addicted to that girl. Sort of 500 days of summer thing. hehe
Great thing, well there was a party which that girl will come. By the way, the name of the girl is Ramona Flowers, played by a simple yet hot Mary Elizabeth Winstead from Die Hard 4 or Death Proof if you watched that movie. hehe
Anyway, he followed and able to see her at the party but his pacman conversation moves did not work, so she left and Scott, just falling for her.
Seeing her in his dreams, daydreaming or just looked lost because of her. After that, well, he made moves just to see her again and ask her out. Ordered something in and since her work is delivering packages from amazon, she is the one who delivered the package. Scott waited patiently, and she arrived, he asked her out.
Evening came and yes, they walked through the snow, getting to know stage and all of the sudden they went to her house. Talked and kissed right away, and yes, the evening is over. hehe
Scott asked another date from Ramona and because his band is joining in this battle of the bands contest, she agreed and see where will be their sex bob-omb go!
Of course, while the band is playing and rocking, some dude crash their performance and wants to fight Scott Pilgrim!
He is the first evil ex boyfriend of Ramona. Geez, emo dude as he looks! hehe But anyway, so the fight begun and he explained the situation about Ramona. Scott doesn’t have a choice and fight the weird emo dude. hehe After a fantastic gameplay fight, Scott won! He got some coins.
Then, yes, Ramona had no choice to explain the situation. Scott needs to defeat, not fight the 7 evil exes of Ramona. Til death! hehe Geez, well, they make out already so why back out?
Of course, as they knowing each other, Scott did meet the exes, from a movie star, then the bass player ex Superman, then a emo chick? Twins then of course, the previous ex, which is an indie band manager, Gideon, which of course the final boss.
As the fight goes on, Scott at first still wants to move on but as he gets tired and beat up even he still wins, he wants to give up Ramona. As usual, as love story goes, when the love of your life is gone, you realize, you can’t live without the person. He cannot stick with Knives.
He fought Ramona not only for her love but also respect to others and most importantly himself. =) Yes, he defeated Gideon in an epic video game battle! He won. Ramona thought of leaving Scott and let Knives love Scott, but why Scott will do that in return?
He went to Ramona and says, let’s try again. =)
Yes, but I can say for the best movie of this year, it’s a tie between Kick Ass and this one.. Best movies of the year. One is ultraviolent fun movie and this one, lovely, hard nosed action, video game fun movie. Whoa. hehe
I mean this movie is sort of video game/comic book adaptation in one. =)
I do know now why it will not be released here. =(
But anyway, go and get it in torrent!!! hehe
Ok, first of all, yes let’s do the bad side of the movie. Bad news first.
Actually not bad news, some flaws I guess. hehe
Well, this movie should be no cuts, I mean dialogue wise. No foul words or quite bad words, especially in the situation he’s quite beat up or even Ramona got upset. You know those worse situations that at least utter one bad word. Well, they should be human I guess. hehe Or it’s just a strategy to reach younger audience? I did not work. You can check that in their box office receipts.
Some parts are dragging as well, like some parts, Michael Cera being the usual the boring nerd, not the punk dude or girl getter in the story. Or how about the character of Knives Chau. Well, quite annoying, not the actress but the character, indeed a HS. hehe Quite lost in some parts and I think it was did in that way.
Ah, yes out of the 7 evil exes, at least they should have longer roles but I thought, it will make the movie longer. hehe But out of the 7, the twins should be removed. I mean, they don’t have even a backstory then.. I can’t believe Ramona even dated those dorks. hehe
Like one review says, that is the exes should be removed.
Ah I think that’s it.. Well, nothing much errors or flaws, gore or at least blood especially those fight scenes? But that’s fine with me.. hehe
Fine with me because they are one of the best parts of this movie.
First, the actors of the movie, from Michael Cera, which I think this is the film that I really liked him than Juno. Great film for him and cool role for him. Perfect I can say..
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ramona Flowers, weird name yet great chick. hehe I don’t care how many evil exes need to fight just to be with her, I’ll do the same thing as Scott did. =) Perfect role from her, hmmmm half Summer and half Clem. hehe Summer because I thought how she approached Scott was kinda user as well. Clem, hmmm how she looks and quite impulsive. =) But she’s lovely though, and oh well.. Sigh. =)
Then other cast in the film from yes, the first evil ex, then Chris Evans as the skater actor dude ex, then Brandon Routh as the vegan ex which has a very funny stint. hehe
Then Scott’s ex, quite lovely and feisty as well.. She kinda resemble someone. hmmmmm Then, the Ramona’s 4th evil ex which is a girl which she described, she was bicurious at that time with that chick. hehe
Then of course, Jason Schwartzman if I got it right, the final ex and the final boss as well. Good part and how he delivered it, damn, he was like tony wilson with video game villain attitude. =)
Other cast as well, from the band, Stephen, Kim and Young Neil. Scott’s worried Sister, which is Anna Kedrick, done a wonderful job as Scott’s 17 year old sister. I think I should watch Up in the Air.
Then remaining cast, like Knives of course, then Thomas Jane as the Vegan police, nice stint. hehe How about the gay roomate of Scott? Geez, funny dude. hehe Always steal some scenes from Scott.
Second, filmography, editing and visual effects as well.. Damn, Edgar Wright pulled it off and his team.. From the sequences of dreaming, then action sequences, I don’t know how they think of it but it was great! Storyboards, editing was great especially in the part which Scott’s overdreaming of Ramona and switching back to reality. hehe I love the opening of the movie, well not the 8 bit universal logo, but it’s cool! I mean the title sequence which they show the title and the cast, with a great soundtrack! Fantastic. It’s really rockin..
The small effects like the fighting sequences which you thought you’re in a video game. Or some of it like Anime, like the fight sequences, and the visuals of it, you’re in a comic book..
Third, yes, without the great sound, this movie will be flopped. hehe The 8 bit sound makes this movie, a video game movie, then the punk soundtrack, makes a great rock movie. The songs used in the movie, perfect for the vibe of it from dark to light and love as well. Especially the scene with Ramona and Scott, that was quite lovely.. Even the last song which wrote by Beck. Beck quite busy making soundtracks.. He made all the Sex bob-omb songs in this film. Damn, he’s quite good, damn good!
I like also the part which Scott battled the Vegan ex in bass guitars, I don’t know why it was not added in soundtrack. =(
But anyhow, still the soundtrack is one of the best, like Metric’s Black Sheep, I love that performance. That was tight! hehe
Or my favorite, teenage dream by TRex. Great song!
I like Sex Bob-omb!! 1-2-3-4!
Lastly, I am a fan of Edgar Wright, well because of Shaun of the Dead, then it was followed by Hot Fuzz then this, his first Amercian Film, I know it was not well in the box office. Damn them! hehe
But this is one of the best films I watched, not only because of the video game/comicbook/anime concept which brought back yester years, but also he was able to show us life is damn fun and love to fight for as well. No matter what circumstances you are, never give up. That goes with Kick Ass as well. =)
Edgar should not only do more this kind of flicks but also like do other stuff in movies. He can do Horror like what he did in grindhouse, Don’t trailer. Or how about love story since he can have actors act! Action flicks? Serious action I guess but I know he’ll do something good in his next flick. Bloody great lad!
Definitely, worth watching, I recommend it and spread the cheer about this movie. It’s damn awesome!
9… 8…. 7… 6… 5…
“What ever happened to the teenage dream?”


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