realizations (part 18)

273. =( nah, I did not see that person

274. It was indeed 2 long freaking weeks.
275. Why everybody getting things lost? Damn this month..
276. It was a long VL, and I was not even got any rest.
277. Good timing talaga, grabe!!!!! kung kailan naman ako libre, problema pa dumating. Grrrrgh.. Mabuti mapalitan na nga.
278. I really miss my blue ruin. =(
279. I really miss my lovely computer, broke down and all that is left for now, is the HDD.. =((
280. Great thing, nagburn ako ng mga DVD’s.. at least may backup data. hehe
281. Siyempre!!!! Sino ba ang number one team sa VOC? ayus!!!! November is the team building month! =) Congrats team Jo-anne!
282. Well, why you can’t have all the good things or happenings in one week..
283. that I can’t really wait Scott Pilgrim here sa pinas, I’ll get it in my way! hehe
284. one year is indeed fast. Kala ko may surprise na naman 2 days ago eh.
285. how’s her trip kaya? I hope she enjoyed going to the hills or seeing small monkeys..
286. it will be not easy for the big 3 to jell.. It may take sometime.. But indeed that team is created to destroy other teams. Especially the purple and gold one. Scary..
287. I missed some important events ha.. Sobra na ata ang bad trip. hehe Hay.. You can’t really do it all.
288. I need a new backpack. Pag tingin ko last time, grabe, may inflation na nga! hehe
289. I do need more new bags, kahit yun di na branded.. Since mahal na, malamang isang astig na bag yun iba, surplus or SM dept store na lang! hehe Or wait for the company to give bags as giveaways! hehe
290. I kinda like my new name, as they call me, pnoy! Oh crap.. =)
291. Yes, break na kami ni shalani! hehe
292. Am I dating somebody? I’ll announce that to my media team, yun isang spokesperson for the other girl status, yun isa, other girl din para di malito ang media. hehe
293. I feel, I’m like 711 in cellphone load. =) In the purpose of the safety of my customers who doesn’t want to go out of their houses.. hehe
294. almost let it out with my real sis, but thanks to her.. at least somebody knows.
295. Damn, I crave for that fish and chips in gumbo but in a regular platter and the clam chowder!!!
296. Indeed, many beautiful things can be seen in the south side of this city. hehe
297. Or south part of this country. =)
298. geez, what happening to solar tv? no sounds? and maury? no more reruns?
299. Maybe make bawi sa rest in the next 2 and a half days. hehe
300. I know when this realizations will end…


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