It was the third yesterday
The Holy Trinity..
3 years of writing whatever I want to..

Love, Hatred, Joy..
Despair, faith, Sadness..
Fun, Hope, Life..
All of them are here, well not all of them.. =)
It was a difficult 3 years for me, but good thing I’m still here, hoping that all the tides will be gone and there will be a sunshine up ahead, the end of these struggles.. Problems, difficulties..
I love this day especially before, every 3rd of the month was a celebration.. I used to give gifts to someone, that is very special to me. Every 3rd of the month, even how small or large that gift is, she likes it. =) If it’s anniversary, well, it should be the best gift that she has..
=( Unfortunately, that ended almost 3 years ago..
After that, well, I still love this 3rd day of the month.. It reminds how we were happy back then, even we are far or near, nothing will stand in our way.
3 years was also good for me, because I was able to discover things that I really like and my capabilities.. My responsiblities, or weaknesses.. Even I fear for, I also realized where I’m standing since then.. Which is a confused dude. hehe But I also wondered what my future should be.. Not only getting out those bad predicaments to myself but being good on what I do, what I wanted to do, what I love to do.
I should also take care myself.. Eventhough I am so kind to others, I should also look to myself. Am I able to help myself as well? Sacrifices are indeed good but sometimes, especially in important times, I should be more careful or leave something to me. Something I value, something I care… Something I love so much..
I know I made the right decision but well, it’s better but at the second thought.. It shouldn’t be..
I also knew who are the people that I can trust for.. I’m glad that even they changed status or quite busy because of work or other things, they did not change how they treat me. Some, well better! Which I was quite surprised. Thanks to them!
Ah yes, to the Trinity, after these 3 years and going, I fully understand what should I do.. My purpose and most especially, the love they show to me always.. And to all the people around me.. I am very grateful that my faith is growing, not that fast but improving.. At the end, I just let them come in.. =)
It is fascinating how my life turned around these years, but I know, in the end, I’ll get them back and I’ll be better as well, I can’t say if it is for good or bad but one thing is for sure..
That day, I’ll be the happiest man I can be, less problems, no worries. =) A new love!?
A new life…


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