Joy Division Docu 2007

I’m such a w@nk3r.. hehe
Anyhow, as always, I just downloaded this documentary and watched it way before the films due to be watched like in my zune or in my dvd’s..

download (7)Well, when the topic is about Joy Division, so let’s watch it anyway!!! hehe
If you ever read my previous post about my review of Control, well, got to read that first. But anyway, Control is a very good film, fit to really portay the band but it has some flaws like it’s not on detail on how Ian lives or the band itself.
But don’t worry, if you watch this documentary, it fills most of the holes of the movie, or even the book itself. Yes, even the book. hehe
Documentary starts as usual and can’t imagine how Manchester looks like before. It’s a dump. It’s like in the sci fi movies which it’s the end of the world, early in the late 80’s. Geez, I can’t still believe that some parts of the UK experienced that kind of a letdown..
Anyhow, so music scene emerges from rubbles as Buzzcocks and Sex Pistols came in then everybody forms a band, like what Barney and Peter did, after watching a gig. I can do that better, let’s form a band. They did! hehe
Stiff Kittens, then Warsaw as a reference from one of the David Bowie’s songs and after getting Stephen and Ian… After reading the house of Dolls book, they became Joy Division. Then yes, everything is in history how the band came from being not playing ina gig for the first 6 months, then Ian died and became legendary New Order..
The documentary has astonishing visuals from the title scenes to interviews and archive footage as well.. It is very informative in the sense like they are telling a story.. From how the band works, especially in that abadoned rooms, then travelling and how the create the music which remembered forever.. Many things that happened to them, especially with Ian.. How he lived, writes, influences and most sad parts as well. Depression, confusion and desperation..
I said filled the gaps from control with the more details they put. Like hmmmmm how they make the songs, the mood at those times which influenced them to make these songs, Ian’s troubles as well, and the most surprising part, ah Ian’s Annik was interviewed..
Wow, the mistress was there.. Well, Debbie is not interviewed in any part, I can see why.. The sounds of the documentary, well, great as should be..
Flaws? Hmmmmm They should go further to New Order? hahaha Nah, of course, I was not able to understand some part of it well, very british. hehe Another thing, Debbie or Natalie was not interviewed, but I can understand that especially when Annik is there. Wow.. How will that work if they are both on screen!! Ah less, if you love Tony Wilson, well, he has only few parts for this documentary.. Quite surprised..
Other flaws? Hmmm, I don’t think so..
What I love in this movie is the narration.. It does show that more in depth about the band.. Especially, the truth behind why he died… The stories about Ian’s really doesn’t want to go on because of his feeling of anxiety then his epilepsy and most difficult, is his family.. He is very afraid to fail, for reaching everybody’s expectation to him, as a band member, worker and a father..
They have also many fun facts stated there.. Band rehearsals and live acts, on how they do it.. Critic reviews at that time, showing that they are really good in such short of time.. A scene of Ian’s tombstone, which has flowers or smiley’s all the time. I don’t know now but indeed he has touched or inspired lives even in that situation..
Of course, the mood, it’s not really sad, just right feeling to understand the documentary.. Listen to it.. Very informative and pace is just right.. Faster but slower! hehe
And yes, Atmosphere is the ending song.. As always and should be..
Yet a progressive Manchester already..
A great documentary, and perfect for the fans of JD..
I think it’s time that New Order should have this kind of documentary and it will be longer than JD. hehe
It should be. It’s time!!!


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