In a lonely place.

As I stare these past minutes ago, alone in my dark room.. I thought, well, I am indeed alone. Pray to him that it will be another long day ahead! Here, in a lonely place.

As I walk in the blazing morning, looking around.. People jogging, cars goes by, sun scorching my skin then walking in a very long road, yet still, I want to get there.. However, I am here, in a lonely place.
As I take lunch, well leaving others behind due to schedule, people walking around, chatting, laughing to each other and having fun going to their destination.. Looking for where to eat or sort of.. Kill some time and hope the day will be over.. Ended up in a table and chair, eating my lunch, alone.. In a lonely place.
As I go home waiting for some bus or jeep or FX, impatient of going home due to the rush hour, got tired from a long hours of work, wanting to get home and lay down at my simple bed.. Everybody is rushing to ride on, running, walking thru lanes and wherever, I stare up in the sky.. I look up, and sigh.. In a lonely place.
As I walk home from shop in a hard pouring rain, getting wet and soaked.. Thinking what to do better, or need to do. Is she fine? Am I ok? Is the day good? What to improve in my life.. Liking to walk slower because of the rain. Talking to myself on this or that.. Had a grim smile I guess.. Dark and flashes of water.. I stopped a while, here In a lonely place.
As I think for everything I need to do, troubles, problems, tomorrow, today, future, past, and worries.. Should I eat or sleep.. What to finish this or that first. I want to do, or love to do.. Do I give up or no, go on or move on.. Solve this or that.. As I rest my mind and body in my bed, sideways.. I felt, I’m in a lonely place.
As I feel or think empty, happy, sad, or puzzled. Confused, tired, depressed, angry, crazy, or joy.
As I thought to those around me, or those who are close to me, what they think about me or them. Or to everybody else, or to myself.. Or I want to leave all of them at the same time or just for a while.. Release the pain inside me.. Celebrate for the things finished or done.
I thought of having an ability to just teleport or go somewhere else.. Time space warp. Falling in a high place, or living in a deserted place.
Indeed just not only to rest or shout or even cry or silent.. Maybe space.. A little space. For me..
Indeed I want to be!
In a lonely place.


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