The Queen

Of course, there were movies that I just dowloaded it then watch it already. Example, into the loop, hmmmm documenteries like The Film is not Rated, ah even Hard Boiled, even I converted it to zune now, I watched it before I save it.

download (6)Another film that I was memerized after looking some glimpse of it was The Queen..
Thanks to my former team mates who asked for it, I just downloaded it then check some scenes, but after looking through it, well decided to watch it in my computer. Bloody great!
The plot is simple, these are the events happened after Princess Diana, unfortunately died in France. These were some what was happening between PM and of course, her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II with her family of course. As the event happened, it’s a course of what are the feelings not only from the Queen but also all the members of the family. From Prince Charles, sons, Philip then Queen mother or how about the Butler, and PM of course Tony Blair.
While the people demanded of course honor Princess Diana, The Queen was not able to decide right away because it will shatter traditions in their Monarchy. Like honoring Diana even it should be not. Other things as well, that made her confused on what to do, but well, after consulting everybody, including Tony, she made a choice to honor Princess Diana at her funeral.
That made the relationship between her and Tony strong as well as the ending says..
Short Plot? It is, definitely that’s the summary of it. The film also surprisingly short, around 95 mins plus..
But what I like in this film is definitely, the performance of all the actors. Even it’s short, every scene is magnificent! From the set, or even the accuracy of the event, it’s like documentary with great depth of acting.
There are many scenes I like, some of them are like the scene which Elizabeth is saving the stag from being hunted. Another scene, is PM Tony defending the queen at the last scenes, well at first, he did not like working with the queen but at the end, he did understand what the Queen is going through.
Even the butler, damn, he’s so good for being just a butler. I was surprised as well, that the Queen is driving along in a old Range Rover. hehe Helen Mirren is indeed done a great job as the Queen. From what I heard she’s a sexy star before, but as coming of age, she became a great actress, and won an Oscar for this role. I did see when she won the award before, and I really fully appreciate just now why she won the award. I also like the speech she made at the wake and when she visited the gate of the palace.. That shows she is indeed loved by many..
Besides, Martin Sheen joked this year Oscar, that if you have a Queen with a spider tatoo and looks hot, you want to serve her everyday. Those aren’t the exact words but he’s damn right. hehe I’ll be waiting for RED.
Speaking of Martin Sheen, I can’t believe, he’s the ex husband of Kate Beckinsale!!! Damn.. Oh well, oh about his performance, other than Frost/Nixon, this is a great performance from him, even no nomination, I think he should be nominated at that time. I like the scene that he wears a soccer shirt while debating with the queen. Very clever.. =)
James Cromwell, to the Prince Charles look a like, they were great. Another actor I liked is the Butler, played by Roger Allam I guess. The dude who was killed in V for Vendetta, the voice of london. =) I hate his character at V but in this one, the third best character, how he helped with the queen, being not only a butler. Patient and elegant. I thought Michael Caine will be the ideal butler, but I’ll go for this dude.
From the set, then the scape as well of the story, even sort of fast past yet, it’s fits all together.
Flaws? Well, it’s was short, Stephen Frears, director of one of my fave as well, High Fidelity, should’ve have like make it two hours, add some side stories or plots but oh well maybe. Maybe he thought that if he adds more, it will be complicated because of the persons involved.
Other characters should have like spoke more, like Charles who I don’t know, has less lines than the wife of Tony Blair. Even the mother of Queen Elizabeth, she should have more lines, I know she did her part to convice Elizabeth but I know she can tell more.
The film should at least give some history of the family. Well, I know directors intention is just putting us in one scene, but at least give some history of the Royal family, just a brief round. Since the story is about breaking a tradition, then it should be shown at least.
Overall, well, as the movie is quite short, I’ll definitely recommend it especially for British Movie lovers! hehe
One of the best british movies made recently.. Unbiased and balanced. It gave a fair look to the Queen. Anyway, she’s human.. And it’s hard to decide for the better not only for the people but also an institution.
Well, even though I had many to do things that time, it was well spent. Watching a bloody elegant movie… =)
I’m not sure how will Tamara Drewe film go this time from Stephen Frears. hehe Well, besides Kate or Eva, Gemma is damn.. I wish.. =)
God Save the Queen!


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